Cards – MonkeyBox 2 is a globe-spanning adventure in which players will see themselves flying over jungles in hot-air balloons, chasing agile cats across wide city scapes, and searching for respite in harsh deserts. You never know where this adventure is going to take you next… because your fate lies in the cards!

Cards – MonkeyBox 2 is the second game in a series by TheCodingMonkeys which aims to be simple and engaging right off the bat. The first game, Polarized! – MonkeyBox 1 dealt solving a mystery using your camera, whereas this game is focused on cards.

In Cards – MonkeyBox 2, players will be presented with a situation with three cards available on the bottom of the screen. None of the cards have any words, only pictures, so you’ll have to infer their meaning on your own. One example involves you running away from a rain of arrows, and you’ll have to choose to jump, run, or duck.

Certain cards will end up with you getting hurt, and if you lose all three lives it’s game over! You’ll need to think strategically as you try to figure out which cards save you from certain doom. The end of the journey can only be reached by the most eagle-eyed adventurers!

Cards – MonkeyBox 2 is available now on the App Store for 2.99 USD.

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