Hop through your very own world in Hoppia Tale, a new colorful adventure by indie studio Ludic Side. Hoppia Tale is an adventure game that takes heavy influence from classic games like The Legend of Zelda and Bomberman.

The world of Hoppia is littered with mysterious portals left behind by an ancient race. The animal races of today use the portals to travel to neighboring worlds. Since ancient times, the world of Hoppia enjoyed a time of peace, but a shadowy force trying to steal the portal’s technology for evil deeds is attempting to invade the city!

Players take on the role of an everyday Hoppia citizen, customized completely to their liking! You can choose to be a bunny, a dog, a lion, a cat – the list goes on, but you can be assured that there is an animal friend for everybody!

Once you set out to stop the evil forces, you will journey through dense forests, underwater caverns, dank caves, and more! You will have to fight off creepy crawlies and solve puzzles, like a true adventurer.

And don’t forget – you are part of the world too! Players can create their own levels and have others play through them as if it’s a part of the official game. A whole community of player made levels await!

Hoppia hops onto the App Store and Google Play Store today as a free download.

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