Welcome to High Rise, a fresh new take on the beloved match-3 puzzler genre. With very simple graphics and a peaceful little soundtrack, High Rise invites players to build their own quaint little city using a combination of popular mechanics seen throughout the years.

When you start a level in High Rise, you are presented with a tiled grid. You can place small buildings down, and if you place buildings that share the same color in adjacent places next to each other, they will merge and create a taller building.

The general objective is to get one of your buildings high enough so that you can see the whole cityscape, then you can move onto the next level. With careful planning and a little bit of ingenuity, players can build towering skyscrapers that overlook everything.

The more your merge, the more your towers grow, and the higher your city will be. Lead your city into the beautiful sky in High Rise, available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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