Build Away! is a brand new city building game that takes things as casually as possible and challenges you to collect as much money as possible to build and upgrade your city to unexpected heights. Although it all seems pretty straightforward, I am sure it doesn’t hurt to get a bit of help and advice, so check out below our Build Away cheats and tips that will hopefully teach you a trick or two or tell you something you didn’t know about the game.

Just take a break from your city (money will pile up anyway!) and read on for some Build away tips and tricks in our strategy guide!


1. Always keep deliveries enabled
By enabling deliveries, you double the amount of money you’re making from all your buildings for two hours. You can also add extra two hours to a maximum amount of 12 hours by watching additional ads, which you should also do. Watching these ads seems to be the fastest way to get extra free briefcases, and briefcases are always good for your city!

2. Energy over revenue
Increasing the revenue generated by your city buildings is definitely a good idea, but you want that revenue to pile up rather than you having to collect it manually. Therefore, you should always invest first in increasing the energy level (which increases the money production times, but I believe also the maximum amount that can be stored when you’re away) before increasing the profits.

If your Construction upgrades are of a too high level compared to the Power level, revenue will no longer pile up and you will have to collect manually each time when the money is produced, which is not something you want to do. Fortunately, it’s easy to know how to do it:

When upgrading the Power Levels, simply look at the small number in the upper corner of the building you’re upgrading. If that numbers is similar or higher than the number shown in the same spot when you’re upgrading the Construction levels, then you are safe.

For example, you can have your Cafe at Power level 110, which would show you a 3 in the upper left corner. As long as you are here, you can upgrade your Construction level all the way to 199 without a worry. But if you reach the Construction level 4 in the upper left corner, your Power level will be too low for the revenue to pile up, so you will have to catch up.

Therefore, a good strategy is to get your Power level to a new level first, then add 10 upgrades, and then upgrade the Construction levels all the way to the very end, but before switching to a new level. Then catch up with the Power level, level it up and upgrade 10 times afterwards, rinse and repeat. This is the way to go in order to maximize profits.

3. Get those briefcases!
You will receive free briefcases when you reach certain building milestones, sometimes when collecting money and most of the times you watch an ad to start the Carnival or Enable/Extend deliveries. Each briefcase in Build Away! has three random cards that can offer you either a brand new building, a building that you already own or one of the three types of currency, all of these rewards being extremely useful in the long run.

You can also purchase Briefcases for regular money, but the amount keeps getting higher and higher with every new purchase you make, so make sure you buy them as soon as you have the money. Briefcases help a lot!

4. How the Building cards work
In the Briefcases menu, you can check out your Building collection. There are currently 25 buildings you can collect and upgrade. When you have the required numbers of the same building card, that building automatically levels up and gives you more profit – so this is why it pays to always work on getting those briefcases. You can also switch buildings between them in order to gain love.

5. What is love?
In Build Away! love or the hearts are extremely useful: Love basically boosts your profits if you enough of it. Just like coin upgrades, Love Upgrades get more and more expensive with each purchase you make, but they are also extremely useful as each new purchase doubles the profit bonus you get per each heart that you have.

You can earn love by switching buildings between them, from Briefcases or Gifts that your friends send you. The easiest and fastest way to get a ton of Hearts is by switching buildings between them – and we’ll talk a bit later about this.

Before that, I have to insist on the best Love strategies in the game: don’t rush to upgrade your Love as soon as you have the required number of hearts, because you won’t gain much: for example, if you have exactly 250 Hearts for the third upgrade and you purchase it, even though your Heart bonus will be 6%, since you will have 0 hearts, you won’t gain anything extra. But with 250 Hearts at 4%, you already have a huge boost in profits. So always do the math and upgrade when it’s most convenient in terms of gains.

6. How to gain more love
Adding active friends after connecting your game on Facebook is an easy method, but even easier (although a bit more time consuming) is switching buildings between them. Every time you switch a building in your city with one in your inventory, you gain a specific number of Hearts.

After switching buildings, you start from scratch, meaning that you will have to go through the Power and Construction upgrades once more, but it’s usually worth it because the bonus in profits you get for all your buildings makes progress a lot faster anyway.

Just make sure that you have some money saved before making the switch to at least unlock the first Power level so you don’t have to tap to collect each time is generated. Keep on switching buildings for gaining more hearts and you’ll soon have a beautiful metropolis that you will love.

These would be for now our Build Away tips and tricks. If you have any useful additions, let us know by commenting below.



  1. One of the love upgrades is 3x all profit. But it cost 2,75k hearts and i have 6% per heart stored.
    I might be way off here, but dosent that mean i’m buying 300% for the price of 16,500% ?

    • It does, but you will get more hearts as you play and you will soon start earning over 6k stars when switching buildings. So buys and upgrades that don’t make sense now will soon make sense!

      • It doesn’t make sense mathematically no matter how many hearts you regain. It’s always going to be a net loss of 13,500% (or 135x) unless there is an AMAZING upgrade afterward.

        • Or if the upgrade multiplies the base profit and then the hearts multiply that new number. In that case you’ll break even at 4100 hearts before the purchase. It would be nice if this was cleared up with evidence. I’m still a long way from 4100 hearts, so I’m not going to buy the upgrade.

          • Thanks! I got a lot of hearts quicker than I thought and can verify that after 4100 the upgrade does increase your profit. Next one for 24.7K will start to profit at 49366 if you haven’t bought the 1% coin upgrade or 49372 with the upgrade. So just wait for 49.4K or 49.5K if you want to be safe.

        • Yes, the upcoming upgrades are considered to be better and they add up eventually. I didn’t do the math, to be honest, but progress always seems to be faster after getting these heart upgrades.

    • Man I stopped at my 3rd city and want to find out the max amount for coin updates and (love updates/which is called now population) I got to the point where I have 12% per population point(and I have 3.76hh(+)/812k(45.1hh%(+)(8!+ billion keys!)(it just goes up every signal min! that’s why I put the (+) sigh! I use the IOS device and got all that from the 3 guys ( mose, spaceship(probe), police car. They give huge amount when you get to the point of 12%/population! it’s amazing! I’m going for to infinity and beyond! to the max and when I get there, i will try to post it to you guys!(and those 3 guys gift me every 1 min! ” here is a tip never collect if you use IOS never collect the building’s profit get profit from the 3 guys I told you guys about!

  2. Few extra tips:

    – Do not open a briefcase if you are low on coin. The rewards of a briefcase is coupled to the amount of coin you have. So if you got 5ee in coin briefcase rewards will also be in the high dd or low ee margin. U can however collect them at any time. Just wait before opening.
    – replace all buildings with legendary or rare buildings. Power up to level 3 or 4 both energy and profit. Then twice a day change all buildings to cheapest building, gain major hearts and immidiately change back to the leg/rare buildings and directly power up to level 3/4 again. Energy to value 212. The coin needed to power-up to 3/4 is not so much can be done with whay you have raised in half a day easy.
    – never spend more coin on energy then max needed. Extra energy points in between levels don’t make a diff while extra profit points in between levels
    Do raise profit directly.

  3. Why cant i get more love?? Im at 113k and i keep switching between buildings to get more and still end up having the same 113k love. Is this a bug or what? Help pleasee

  4. Anyone get the achievement of “sell a building 50 times or 100 times” on Google play? It seems this achievement not able to get by swap over buildings repeatedly..

  5. Does anyone know what the helicopters are for?
    Clicking on the moose, police car and UFO give hearts, cash and briefcases (they tend to come in sets of three – one of each) but for the life of me, I cannot figure out what to do with the helicopters!!!!

    • I’m wondering the same thing, Elena. I tap them and get some garbled sound effects, but like tapping on the ice cream truck there doesn’t seem to be any benefit. The helicopters are distracting, but maybe that’s the point…to make you miss the moose, the UFO and the police car if you have the sound turned off?


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