Bud Farm: Grass Roots Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


It’s 420 time! In Bud Farm: Grass Roots, you’ll become the pioneer of a bud friendly farm! Grow all sorts of crazy plants on your farm, upgrade your rickety small little farm from a broken down mess to a polished city, and creating a booming business! We’ll help you start your bud farm with the help of our Bud Farm: Grass Roots cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the quests!

Ol’ Bud with the radical t-shirt will give you new quests once you complete the tutorial. Upon completion, the quests will reward you with potbucks, the premium currency of the game.

As such, you’ll want to make sure to do as many of these quests as possible. They will also act as the “passive tutorial” of the game, because you’re assigned new quests depending on what level you are, so the game uses it as a way to teach you about the new buildings and strains.

Keep your plants watered!

The quality of your bud strains will depend entirely on how well you take care of them. When you initially plant a bud, a timer will appear. This timer will constantly countdown and will not be stopped by anything.

Your plant’s happiness meter will appear below, and you must be sure to water the plant every time you get the opportunity. Once the timer runs out, your plant is done and depending on how happy it is, you’ll get a lot of buds.

The key to having good buds is to always keep an eye on the water meter. Watering to full happiness is the most important part!

Keep fulfilling job orders!

To ensure that you have a steady stream of coins coming in, keep sending out your van to fulfill orders. You can see what bud you’ll need and how much coins and experience you’ll get in return on the job posting.

While you’re waiting for your plants to grow, you can send out your van to kill some time and earn some money in the process! Don’t stop fulfilling those orders!!

Upgrade your equipment!

You’ve probably noticed by now but everytime a plant is finished growing, you’ll get a recap of how well you did. There are three factors that determine a plant’s harvest: its happiness, the water pump level, and the grow light level.

The happiness is the only thing you have to actively watch, as you need to water your plants when they need it as you learned above. The water pump and grow light levels will passively up your plant’s rating, so try to upgrade as many equipment pieces as you can.

Swat those spiders!

Occasionally, if you’re watching your plants, you’ll see them get covered in a thick spider web. The little red spider proud of his work will be walking around on the web. This will halt growth of the plant, so grab the spatula and whack the web away when you see it. When you do so, the web will leave behind precious upgrade materials or experience points.

That’s all for Bud Farm: Grass Roots. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Bud Farm: Grass Roots Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Sell equipment you don’t need and put it at the highest price possible. Make sure the box in the lower left corner (post to floydslist) is checked. If no one buys it, “Floyd” will buy it. I’ve sold equipment I didn’t need on my dispensary for about 14,000 coins and Floyd bought it. Now I have almost 100,000 coins.

  2. I found that starting off with the first 5 pots and continuing it till u get to level 30 helps a lot, bcuz you can take it time and then focus on the lights , then the water, then the lights again, bcuz it gives u time to upgrade your dispensary, mill, bakery and dairy, and don’t spend pot buck unless u need to, add me if you want; lil pusha


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