King have just launched Bubble Witch Saga 2, the sequel to the highly popular game and the updated looks are making this one an instant hit. But we are not here to praise this game for all of its obvious qualities and instead we’re going to talk about some Bubble Witch Saga 2 cheats, tips and tricks that will hopefully create the best strategy guide for the game available on the internet right now.

There is a ton of levels that can be played and a lot of things to consider, so let’s get this started and check out below the Bubble Witch Saga 2 cheats!

1. The free lives cheat
One cheat that is now working for the game (probably until King gets it fixed) gives you infinite lives. So when you run out of lives, just exit the game, head over to your device’s settings and set the time forward. You need to be logged out of Facebook if you have connected the game to Facebook for this to work and you need 30 minutes per each life that you want to gain.

2. Connect to Facebook
If you don’t want to cheat, then Facebook is the best bet here. Make sure that you connect your game to your Facebook account so that you can reap on the benefits and have all your friends send you free lives, just like in Candy Crush Saga. Make sure to send them back some lives too!

3. Go for combos
Combos are the easiest way to get a huge score. You get combos by making matches in a row and when you hit six matches in a row, you go on a frenzy mode that doubles your score. This lasts for as long as you continue making matches, and this is the time when you have to drop as many bubbles as possible in the buckets below. If you can end the game with such a frenzy, it’s even better because you will get the bonus from all the left bubbles.

4. Drop the bubbles
If you manage to match a set of bubbles that holds other bubbles, if the latter are not connected to any bubbles, they will drop. Not only that this means extra points because they drop into the pots, but they also help you complete a level quickly. So always notice in your levels where the bunches of bubbles are held and try to remove the base to quickly progress through the game.

5. Build up your matches
If you have a level with too many bubbles that don’t create a match, build up two’s first because you will lose spiders when you don’t create a match. Only afterwards go on a matching frenzy, increasing your combo meter and spiders count to get a huge score.

6. Master the bank shots
Shooting those easy straight shots is easy, indeed, but you must do more than just that and master the bank shots for the best results. Being able to squeeze that bubble in Bubble Witch Saga 2 where nobody else can – now that’s when you become a real Pro and get the most out of your game. So practice and learn how to master the bank shots!

7. Use the boosters as a last resort
Boosters are extremely useful but they don’t guarantee you the win, so make sure that you only use them when you can make them count. You get a few free ones when you start the game and as you progress through it, but afterwards you’re on your own and you have to purchase them. So hold on to them and make sure you use them only when you can’t win otherwise.

8. Replay levels
Sometimes, the arrangement of the bubbles in the game is simply not good enough for you to win the level, but if you try again you might get luckier. So replay levels until you have no more lives left. Additionally, if you don’t want to lose the ability to keep on playing, it’s a good idea to go and replay older levels that you can easily beat and try to get a new high score with them – this way, with one life, you still get to play more games and wait for the refill in a pleasant way.

These are, for now, our Bubble Witch Saga 2 cheats and tips. When we find out more, we’ll be here to share them with you!



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