Welcome to the kingdom of clouds, where bubbles float freely! Bubble Cloud: Spinning Bubbles is a no-frills simple puzzle game where you match bubbles of the same color to pop them. Pop all the bubbles to get to the core and win the level!

Our Bubble Cloud: Spinning Bubbles tips guide will go over the different techniques to help you get all three stars on the levels.

Bubble Cloud: Spinning Bubbles is a simple game with easy to pick up gameplay, but it can get challenging during the later levels. So, let’s get started with our Bubble Cloud: Spinning Bubbles cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to get all stars!

Spin the wheel for daily prizes!

Once you complete level 12, you will unlock the Daily Prize Wheel. As the name suggests, you can spin this wheel once every day to have a chance at winning power ups.

The Prize Wheel is the only way to earn power ups without having to pay real money since Bubble Cloud has no secondary currency. It is important to get your daily spins in every day to ensure that you have lots of wiggle room for mistakes!

Use the walls to bank shots!

The bubble cloud may spin and stop in a position that is unfavorable to you, so sometimes you will need to get a little tricky. If you angle it just right, you can bank shots off the wall to shoot bubbles to hard-to-reach areas of the bubble cloud.

To help your accuracy with performing this, the Laser power up will show you a complete trajectory of where your shot will end up.

Spin the bubble cloud!

The bubble cloud has its own physics that can be taken advantage of with well-placed shots. If there is a particularly long piece of the cloud hanging off to a side, hitting it with a bubble will make it spin fast, and you could potentially get a better shot for your next bubble.

The farther the shot is from the center core, the more spin it will put on the cloud. If a bank shot will not help, then maybe spinning the bubble cloud will!

Clear all bubbles for more points!

To earn all three stars on a level, you must go out of your way and pop every single bubble in the cloud.

This is a bit harder than it sounds, because every tenth or so bubble you launch, the game will throw in more bubbles randomly around the cloud, so you will need to be faster than the game.

You can tell how close you are by looking at the progress bar at the top – it will actually raise and lower depending on whether or not bubbles are being added or popped.

The key here is to focus and keep trying! The good thing about Bubble Cloud is that you do not have a move limit – you can keep flinging bubbles as long as you can hold out. This means that with enough patience, you will be able to three star any level.

Aim for the weak links!

A bubble needs to be connected to the center core for it to be attached, whether that is through another bubble or being directly attached to the core. If a bubble does not have an anchor point, it will disconnect and pop on its own.

If you see a thin connecting link that is holding a big cluster of bubbles, try aiming for that! If you can manage to pop it, the entire cluster will fall off. It is a great way to take out large groups of bubbles quickly!

That’s all for Bubble Cloud: Spinning Bubbles! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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