BTS World Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages and Get More Cards

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In today’s article we will go over all the BTS World tips and cheats that we gathered so far to help you pass the game stages and collect many cards of the members!

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Have you ever wondered about meeting BTS? How about actually managing them and texting and calling them, as well as learning tons of new stuff about each individual member?

Well, in this game you will be able to have tons of fun interactions with them and even learning how their life paths would be without BTS!

So, are you ready for our BTS World tips and tricks? Then let’s not waste another second and dive right into them!

Progress through the story

This should be your very first step for getting better at the game. First thing you should do is progress through the first chapter, before you can go on and do other stuff in game.

This will unlock the cards with the BTS members (the plain member cards) and after you finish the first chapter you will unlock most of the game’s features.

Make this a priority, because if you have been following the story line as well, it will definitely be worth it. By completing the first chapter you will basically gather all the members together and finally start working on the band!

Text with the members

The text messages you send can have an impact on your relationship with each member, so remember to always text with them whenever possible.

For every multi-answer text that you can send (or response, however you want to call it) the answers can be either to the liking of the member or not, so I suggest that you really think before you send a text back.

The answers which are really good will be giving you more hearts on the screen (like one big heart in the middle and several smaller ones animated around it), and for the answer which is mediocre, but still OK-ish, you will get a single heart.

So I definitely suggest that you try to pick the answer which will not be too harsh, but not over-the-top-sweet either. Try going for answers which you feel like would fit best according to the situation, and don’t worry if you aren’t doing amazing the first time.

Unlock the Photo Album

The Photo Album will be unlocked after stage 2-14, and there you will be able to unlock special moments and photos with the members for collecting their member cards from Draw.

Try to collect as many as you can, because once you have completed a collection you will unlock a special reward. For the very first set, the “94ers Set” the cards are all from the Gold Draw, but for the other sets, the “Roundy and Little Puppy Set” and “Kim Shup Jim Set” you will need to get some cards from the Gems Draw.

Level up your player level

If you are rushing through the levels, you will need to take a short break because after you finish Chapter 2, you will need to be player level 10 for advancing to Chapter 3.

Make sure you try to complete all the Daily Missions, every day, and also try to complete all the Quests that you can, because they also give a lot of EXP.

Another way to level up is to complete “Another Story” stages and repeat the main story levels. This will only work for the levels where you have to use Wings (energy), so replaying videos or interaction stages won’t really work.

I always like to replay the highest level stages which I have completed with 3 stars, because the amount of stars you get when completing the level also matter towards the EXP you get.

Claim Chapter Rewards

Every time you complete several stages in a chapter and collect Stars, you will be able to collect various rewards from it. You can see on top of the “Chapter 1” or whatever chapter you are on, that there is a little gift and a total amount of stars collectible from that stage.

You should always try to finish the stages with 3 stars, especially Chapter 1, but if you don’t do this right away, don’t worry! Once you have collected more cards you can come back and claim all those rewards!

You should also not forget to collect the rewards, because they are a great source of Gold, Gems and Blossoms (used to level up your cards). They can also give you Tickets, which you can use to collect even more Cards.

Level up your cards

Whenever you finish completing some stages, you will receive card EXP items, called Blossom. These items will help you level up your cards, and you should definitely start leveling up the good cards that you get. Don’t spend your Blossoms leveling up the 1 star cards, because soon you will get better ones.

Start leveling up the 3 star cards and up. The 5 star cards are the best ones, but they are also quite difficult to acquire, so in case you get one, definitely focus on that one, but not exclusively.

I suggest that you focus on 4 main cards, each representing one of the main traits: Wisdom, Stamina, Empathy and Passion. You can see what each of the cards represent by checking the small icon in their top right corner.

Level up the 4 best cards that you got belonging to each of the traits, then as soon as you get better ones which represent the trait, start leveling those.

Firstly, focus on making the cards level 5 for the rewards, then level 30, then 50. It will take a while, but in time you will get everything.

Acquire more cards and get the benefits!

There are a couple of ways that you can acquire more cards in game, and I am going to tell you all of them right now! Firstly, you can acquire more cards by going to the Draw menu on the bottom of the screen.

There, you can either do a Gems Draw or a Gold Draw. The Gems draw will let you draw once for 20 Gems, or 11 times for 200 Gems. It’s definitely worth drawing 11 times, because you will have 1 free draw.

From the Gems Draw you can only get 3 – 5 star cards, so it’s the best draw you can do. Now for the Gold Draw, you can only draw 1 – 3 star cards, and it’s really not amazing, unless you are looking to fill up your Photo Album.

Also, in the Gold Draw you can draw once for 5000 Gold, or 10 times for 50000 Gold, which is basically the same thing.

Every day you will have a free Gold Draw, so make sure you claim it every day!

Another way to get more cards is by completing Another Story levels, which give you member card pieces which you then can use to craft their cards.

Add more friends and get free Energy

In this game you can actually add other players and get free Energy, as well as send them some. You can do this by pressing on the “+” button in the main interface and opening the Friends button. There, you will see on the top a tab called “Add Friends” – head on there.

You will see several people there, so make sure you send them friend requests, and if they accept you will see them in your “Friends List”. Once you have a few people there, you can tap on the Wings icon to send them Wings.

You can add me if you wish, and also if you want to leave your code below, you can do so and have other people add you by the code! To find the code, open your profile (top left) and you can see under your icon there a code! Mine is “KNDXFPG” so if you want to add me, feel free to do so!

Change your profile icon!

Have you wondered how you can change your profile icon in game? Well, I have, and it’s been a real hassle trying to discover how! If you had the same issue, then let me make it simple by telling you step by step how to do it!

– Go to the main interface

– Open “Manage Cards” menu (your cards)

– Select the card you want as your profile picture by tapping on it

– In the menu that pops up, tap the picture again (this will zoom in on it).

– You will see in the top right corner a Trash Bin and a small icon that resembles a default profile icon.

– Tap on the “default profile icon” and then a pop up will appear with “Set this image as profile icon?”

– Tap on “OK” and you got yourself a new profile icon!

Note: If you don’t see the option after the 4th step, when you tap on the picture again, you will see instead on the bottom of the screen a “Download” button. Select either “Current Cards” (only the selected card) or “Owned Cards” (for all the cards you own) and this will download the high-res quality image of the card, which will then allow you to place it as your profile pic.

Complete the in-game events

There are a few in-game events running at the moment, such as the “BTS World Launch Celebration Event” which you can see in the bottom side of the main screen. Tap on that and you will see the “Training Mission List” which has several tabs.

From this event you will be able to claim various rewards, such as EXP, Gems and much more. Once you have reached 100% by completing all the tasks there, you will receive a 4-star draw ticket! Make sure you try to complete all the missions before the event ends!

Complete Another World stages

This section is super fun and entertaining, as it basically relates the BTS members’ stories as viewed from another perspective, and not one as them being in the band. The stages here have also multiple chapters, but you will need to collect various cards with the members to actually progress through them (as it gets difficult pretty quickly).

The stages which require you to use Wings (energy) here will only have 3 attempts, so make sure that you succeed. If you fail 3 times in a row, you can purchase 3 additional tries by paying 10 Gems, so I definitely suggest that you don’t go on with the stage if you don’t feel confident in succeeding the first time. Better just wait until you collect some more cards.

From these Another World stages you will collect for each individual member various goods, such as their favorite items (to increase their energy in Agency), but also Gems and much more.

If you are not sure what the little heart next to each of the characters’ profile icons mean in this menu, then let me tell you: it’s the number of cards you have of that member.

Assign members to Agency tasks

When you assign members in the Agency tab you will gain a lot of various EXP, depending on which trait you went for. However, the members can get worn out you so you will need to give them their favorite items to keep them motivated.

You can acquire more of these items by completing tasks and missions, and also by completing the Another World stories for the specific member.

By increasing the stats here you will also increase the overall Group Stats that you get, so that’s an overall boost in various tasks that you will get added for free when you complete the stages.

They will increase the Mission Score, so make sure you try to upgrade them all equally – first to level 2, then to level 3 and so on.

You will have a “refresh” button on top next to the Daily Schedule too, so when you see it available you can try to refresh to get a new mission there which is better than the already existing ones.

For example I got a “Create Special Choreography” mission which requires all members, but it also gives a ton of Passion and raises all members’ affinity (hearts – love, however you want to call it).

You can style your members!

The members will have a special tab of their own, where you can dress them up with the items that you unlock. This will be visible only when they call you, so it’s not going to have such a big impact on the game (I think)… it’s just for your eyes!

Exchange the duplicates

When you get multiple copies of the same card, what you can do is exchange them to gain a lot of items needed for upgrading the cards. When you upgrade the cards you will get a ton of benefits, so I definitely suggest that you exchange all the duplicate cards that you get.

The cards will require certain upgrade stones, specific to that member, and there are a total of 7 types of stones (one for each member). So you will need to Exchange quite a lot of dupes to get all the Upgrade Stones needed for an upgrade!

These would be all the BTS World tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other useful tricks that you would like to share with us? Or simply want to share your ID? Make sure you leave a comment down below!

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BTS World Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages and Get More Cards

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