Jump back to the age of brute force! Brutal Age: Horde Invasion is a base management strategy game that takes place in ancient times. Become the ultimate warchief with the aid of our Brutal Age: Horde Invasion cheats and tips as we walk you through how to raise your tribe from the ground up.

Much like other games in this genre, Brutal Age is all about upgrading your base and taking out the competition. Let’s get started with our Brutal Age: Horde Invasion cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the quests!

To ensure that your tribe grows nice and strong, it’s highly recommended that your follow the main quests. You can see what your current main quest by the banner at the bottom left corner of the screen. Following these quests will ensure that your base stays up to date with the latest upgrades. In the event your base is under attack by another player, you’ll be ready to fight back with full force. You’ll also be generously rewarded for completing these quests, so you should never be low on basic resources.

Research in the Temple of Wisdom!

The Temple of Wisdom allows you to take on research projects. These research projects, once completed, will grant a permanent boost to some aspect of your base, whether that be infrastructure or unit wise. Sounds great right? The only downside is that these research projects take a LONG time to complete, with some of them requiring up to multiple hours of research to finish. Even if you aren’t actively playing the game, you should log in from time to time to start a new research project after you complete them.

Keep your base busy!

You can literally spend the first few hours of the game just upgrading everything in your base, as you’ll be constantly fed new resources as you complete the main quests. This is good training for any kind of strategy game, because the key to victory is to always keep your base busy. Are your builders free? Why not upgrade an existing building or see what new thing you can construct! Are your soldiers free? Why not go hunting for some extra resources? Speaking of hunting, always be training more troops in your training grounds. Strength is in numbers as they always say, and that’s very true in this brutal age.

Spec your Hero!

Don’t about your Hero talents! In addition to the research projects, your hero also earns talent points as they level up. You can spend these points in one of the two trees: Combat or Growth. Combat talents will make you more deadly in, well, combat, while growth talents will help your tribe grow faster. You’ll eventually be able to get all of the talents, but early on try to stick to one tree for the moment. Choose the tree that suits your playstyle the most; if you like building go for growth, and combat if you like fighting.

That’s all for Brutal Age: Horde Invasion! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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