Broworld: A Douchebag’s Adventure Quest Cheats: Tips & Guide to Become Rich and Famous

In today’s article we are going to share with you all of the Broworld – A Douchebag’s Adventure Quest tips and cheats to help you become the ultimate bro and play all the girls that you will meet.

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While this game is super… douche-y to say the least, that is actually the purpose of the game. So while you are playing as the ultimate douchebag, you will have a ton of things to do and tasks to complete, and that’s exactly why I am here to tell you everything that you need to know!

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the Broworld: A Douchebag’s Adventure tips and tricks right here below and learn how to properly handle all the lady encounters, how to get more douche-y and how to become the best bro in the game!

Try to follow the objectives

While you are playing you should constantly try to follow the objectives as much as you can, because they will help you earn a lot of money and eventually become the ultimate dude.

Well, you will not have a set list of objectives like many other games do, so you can see your main tasks in the upper left corner of the screen.

The objectives revolve around usual tasks – flirting with girls, helping grandma out and working out, with the occasional shopping spree to increase your self esteem. That’s pretty much how this game is!

So try to keep an eye on your objectives there at all times because you should try to complete them quickly to level up more and eventually meet your dream girl, Jennifer.

Bored? Start working out!

If you are bored and you are not entirely sure how to spend your time in game, you can just head back home and start working out! This is something super easy to do and it’s completely free!

Not only that, but it will also make you more muscular and that’s something that some of the girls dig – a lot!

So by working out you are not only increasing your muscles but you are also progressing slowly towards achieving that ultimate body goal and being super attractive. To work out, firstly you can start lifting some weights which you have bought during the game tutorial phase.

As you level up and unlock more items, you can purchase more stuff and place them anywhere you want – even make a work out room if you want to!

Different devices will help you differently, but just make sure that you do this constantly and especially if your energy level is full and you are not sure what to do! You’ll thank yourself later.

Flirt with various girls and learn their preferences

From the very beginning of the game you won’t have a lot of possible dates, because you won’t have a lot of money to please them all (or to meet their requirements at least).

So what you can do instead, if you have the self esteem required to flirt, you can just go ahead and talk to them to learn what their likes are.

Once you have unlocked their likes, you will see that on top of their heads a small bubble will appear whenever you get in range of them and that will show you their likes so you can quick check them at any time.

Whenever you meet new girls, make sure that you try and remember their requirements and check them out so that you can set a somewhat goal on what you should be doing.

My tip here: I suggest that you first try to recruit the girls whose requirements are simply muscles, because that will be the easiest task to complete. Also, try to work out as much as possible because it will pay off in the long run – even if the girls require you to only have level 3 muscles.

Restore your Energy

Each time you are working out you will use up some energy. This will mean that if you are low on energy you can’t really work out more or do other tasks. What you should do when you are running low on energy is head on to your kitchen and select the fridge. There you will have a couple of ingredients which you can use to “cook” a bro meal – usually a shake.

You can collect various recipes over time as you improve more and more, and also unlock new ingredients. These recipes that you will cook are cooked in the blender (because a healthy dude needs a healthy meal, right? and what healthier option there is than a blender meal?!).

There are a couple of things which you need to keep in mind whenever you make some meals:

Put the ingredients in order! This one is super important because if you don’t put them in order they will not really do much for your energy levels.

– You can check out the recipe list in the right side of the screen if you forgot the ingredients or the order in which to put them in.

These two points are super important because if you don’t make a good meal then you won’t really have much benefit from the energy shake that you made. So pay attention!

Do the tasks

Every now and then there will be various tasks that you will receive which will give you money. During those events you will have to tap quickly on the screen before the timer runs out. Each time you tap you will receive some money, and that is basically you working!

Always try to work whenever there is a new task popping up because you will always make great use of the extra money that you will make, since you will need eventually every little penny that you can get your hands on to afford a tattoo, new clothes, furniture and so on.

My tip here: whenever you are tapping the screen try using both of your hands in a quick motion. This might make it easier, but if you are not really the type to use both hands when typing then you might not have the dexterity to do it fast.

Either way, just give it a try because it could work – also, don’t lift your finger too much between taps so you can tap more often!

Always put in the extra hours

Whenever you finish a job, you will receive the money that you’ve worked for – but if you decide to work extra hours then you will receive some bonus pay, which I have to admit is super good because at start it will be more than what you can make during the normal hours.

All that you need to do to earn some extra cash and work those extra hours is watch an advertisement whenever the option pops up and lets you do it. This will be super useful so try to always do it because this is a sure way to earn more money to afford new items.

Also, think about the time that it takes to watch an ad (which is about 30 seconds at most) and the time it takes until a new job appears – this is super worth it because you’ll get a lot of money fast!

Save money and buy Fast Tickets

At the very beginning you should not do this, as they cost quite a lot and you also need to learn how the mini games work, but once you get the hang of it and learn what you need to do, you should immediately save up 5000 Money and buy 10x Fast Tickets.

The Fast Tickets will let you skip mini games and fights, and they will be super useful to complete various quests fast. Also, use them if you have to complete a quest which you know is quite difficult for you, because it will save time and save the quest!

So by all means try to buy these – head on to your Wallet (in the top right corner of the screen) and there tap on the icon next to the Gold Bars (on the left). When you have 5000 Money just tap on buy them and it will give you 10 Fast Tickets for that price.

Make crazy purchases

If you tap on your wallet you will notice on the left side of your wallet there are four items which you might not have any clue what they are for. Well, let me explain!

Speed Way – this is an item which will let you avoid waiting everywhere. It is a permanent item which costs 20000 Money and it will let you move with the speed of light! It’s useful but expensive.

Infinite Energy – this will give you infinite Energy so you will not have to make any protein shakes to maintain your energy levels.

No Muscle Loss – this item will not let you lose muscles over time (because that is a thing in game, so you need to constantly work out to avoid losing muscles). It’s definitely worth saving up 10 Gold Bars to buy.

Ultra Tanning – this is the ultimate spray tan – it will make you tanned to the max and make chicks love you – you can buy the Ultra Tanning for 10 Gold Bars or you can buy one Spray Can for 5000 Money.

Don’t forget to check out our gameplay video right here:

And these would be all of our Broworld: A Douchebag’s Adventure Quest tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips to become a bigger douche? Let us know by leaving them down in the comments section below!

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Broworld: A Douchebag’s Adventure Quest Cheats: Tips & Guide to Become Rich and Famous

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