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Brown Dust 2 Tier List

Brown Dust 2 Tier List
Screenshot from official Neowiz game trailer.

Brown Dust 2 is one of the newest mobile games to hit the market and so far, it’s turning out pretty well. With beautiful characters, solid gameplay and an interesting story, you’re sure to enjoy it. The sheer number of characters in the game can definitely be overwhelming because you want to choose the rights ones to start your journey with and there’s no way to know which are must haves and who you should avoid. We’ve looked at all of the characters, so you don’t have to and determined the best picks. Here is Touch Tap Play’s Brown Dust 2 tier list.

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Lucrezia from Brown Dust 2
Game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

When it comes to magic users, you want to make sure you’re picking ones who have good passive skills, since this is more important than doing damage for them. A solid choice who isn’t too painful to get is Lucrezia, who increases her SP when attacking.


It’s important to have characters who can do niche things not seen in other unit builds. One of the best for this is Lecliss, who comes with a taunt power, as well as the ability to reduce the amount of damage taken.


Single target characters are necessary because you need somebody for tackling one strong enemy. An AOE attacker will not cut it for bosses with high HP. Currently, the best in the game is Alec. He’s a no-frills attacker meant purely for performing boss killing DPS. If you can get him to show up in the pub, he’s a good choice for the 5-star ticket.


Julie from Brown Dust 2
Game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

While not the best healer in the game, Julie is a decent option if you don’t have any other healers, don’t want an expensive one, or need someone for early game content. She does do decent wind and crit damage, but has poor defense, which is why she doesn’t work so good as a healer. Her other skills make her worth keeping though.


Emma from Brown Dust 2
Game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Emma is a great option if you need a character who does decent light damage. She’s a front liner with decent HP and attack but may require outside support, as she has few ways of self-sustaining.


Cynthia from Brown Dust 2
Game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Cynthia has the best of everything in her build. She can resist magic and as a water-based character, takes less damage from fire attacks. With above average HP, she won’t go down too easily either. Her crit rate is on the lower side, but it’s nothing that takes away from her build too much.


Beatrice from Brown Dust 2
Game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Complimentary characters in gacha games tend to get a bad rap, but Beatrice definitely doesn’t deserve that title. She deals heavy fire damage, can resist wind and has high HP, which is great for a physical attacker with low defense. Beatrice’s stats make her figuratively stand on the podium with the other DPS attackers in game.


Rou from Brown Dust 2
Game screenshot by Touch Tap Play

You can’t have light without dark to balance it out. Rou can do fantastic dark damage, knock back enemies, and keep herself alive in battle for a long time. This is thanks to her high HP and being able to avoid the occasional attack. She’s definitely a top character in Brown Dust 2.

You can meet these characters and others by downloading Brown Dust 2 today!

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Brown Dust 2 Tier List