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Brown Dust 2 How To Use 5 Star Ticket

Brown Dust 2 How To Use 5 Star Ticket
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If you haven’t checked out Brown Dust 2, now is the time to do it because the game is giving out lots of good rewards to celebrate the launch. One of the best ones so far is a 5-star ticket in honor of the game getting 2 million preregistrations. Even if you didn’t preregister, you can still download the game and get the reward tickets. After that, you’ll need to know the specific way to redeem the ticket. It’s simple but very easy to miss. This is how to use the 5-star ticket in Brown Dust 2.

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Where To Redeem The 5-Star Ticket in Brown Dust 2

Arines from Brown Dust 2.
Gameplay screenshot by Touch Tap Play

After you complete the tutorial area, you’ll unlock what is the first part of the game with the story of Lathel. To use your 5-star tickets, you need to go to the pub, which is down the steps from Lathel’s house. Take the stairs on the right and then go left until you see a building with a beer icon on the outside. Inside, you may see a few characters with stars above their heads. The number you see dictates if they are a 3-star, 4-star, 5-star character, etc. You’ll use the corresponding ticket to recruit the character with the same rarity as the ticket, so the 5-star ticket can only be used to recruit 5-star characters.

How To Change Recruitable Characters In Brown Dust 2

Celia from Brown Dust 2.
Gameplay screenshot by Touch Tap Play

If you don’t see a 5-star in the pub or it isn’t one you want, you can talk to the lady behind the counter to refresh the characters there. It will cost you some currency each time you do it, so try not to waste too much for right now unless there’s a specific character you really want. This is just the beginning of your adventure; you’ll have a lot of opportunities to get more characters later.

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Brown Dust 2 How To Use 5 Star Ticket