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Brotato: How To Use Turrets

Brotato: How To Use Turrets

There are a variety of weapons and items that you can use to destroy waves of enemies in Brotato, one of which is a Turret which you can use to support yourself especially when enemies are becoming too much. Turrets are also very reliable and almost always guarantee your survival in intense waves.

To get the most out of your Turrets, you ought to know how to get them and how to actually use them because it can be hard to use Turrets in Brotato. So in this article, we’ll be showing you how to get and also look at how you can use Turrets in Brotato.

Brotato: How To Use Turrets

Before we dive into using a turret, let’s take a look at how to actually get one. A turret is a powerful weapon in Brotato and it’s not very easy to get when you’ve just started the game. You’ll need to have played the game for some time and made just enough money to buy a turret from the item shop after an enemy wave.


The cost of a turret can depend greatly on the type and rarity and it doesn’t always show up in the shop selection. Another way to get a turret is by paying to Reroll the shop inventory. So it’s very possible to get a turret by simply rerolling until one shows up and you can buy it.

Unlike weapons, turrets go into your item slot instead and you can buy as many turrets as you can afford and even get different copies of the same turret.

Using Turrets in Battle

Before the start of every wave in Brotato, you’ll notice the typical red Xs that show enemy spawn points. Your turrets will take precedence and spawn even before enemies and appear on the map as blue Xs. Turrets are random, so you can’t influence where they’ll appear and you cannot change turret locations after they appear as well.


Fortunately, turrets are invulnerable which means they cannot be damaged and can support you constantly the whole time. So if you get lucky with your turret placement, they can all appear near you like a kind of protective shield and give you the best chance of winning a wave.

You should also experiment with different turrets and see what works best for you as not every turret is useful and can lead you to waste money. So that’s all we have for you on how to get and use turrets in Brotato and we hope you’ve found this article helpful. Happy Gaming!

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Brotato: How To Use Turrets


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