Bridge Constructor Stunts

Last week we have reported that a new entry of the Bridge Constructor series called Bridge Constructor Stunts was going to be released before the end of September in all regions. A few days after the release date announcement, we can confirm that Bridge Constructor Stunts is now available for download in all regions on the App Store.

Unlike previous entries of the series, in Bridge Constructor Stunts players won’t have to build bridges so that vehicles can get across but will have to create some exciting levels complete with ramps, loops and more. Possibilities are quite big in the game so players’ creativity will definitely be stimulated.

This time around, players will finally be able to control vehicles in Bridge Constructor Stunts during jumps, deciding  the jump’s speed and direction. The game also allows players to share their runs on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, adding one more reason to do good in the game.

Birdge Constructor Stunts is now available for purchase on the App Store for $1.99. Even though the game is slightly different from previous Bridge Constructor games, Bridge Constructor Stunts comes with enough familiar elements that should make fan of the series happy.



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