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Bricks n Balls Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Beat All Stages

Bricks n Balls Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Beat All Stages

Bricks n Balls is a truly addictive bricks breaking puzzle game for mobile, created by Cheetah Mobile. And today we’re going to help you get the most out of it by sharing a bunch of Bricks n Balls cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

Because, yes, there is a lot of strategy involved in playing this game and taking the time to think about your next move might make the difference between a win and a loss.

So let’s see how to keep on winning and getting the most out of Bricks n Balls by checking out our tips and tricks below!

Play the various game modes
Did you know that there are actually three game modes that you can play in Bricks n Balls? Yes, there are and you can select them from the main menu, where the missions are shown.

Classic mode
You start with 5 balls and you work your way through an endless wave of incoming lines, each more difficult than the other. This is usually the longest, most time consuming game mode available and my all time favorite.

100 Ball
You have 100 balls and a randomly created level. Your task: to destroy as many lines as possible and score as many points as possible and potentially win up to 150 rubies

The Campaign
This is the main game mode, where you have to complete missions and get the three star ratings in order to continue going. This is where you will most likely spend most of your time.

So, being aware of these various games modes that are available in the game, you can decide what to play. Each of the additional game modes can reward you with rubies each day, which in turn can be traded for boosts and special moves. So make sure you play them and get as far as possible in each game mode.

Find the opening!
This is mainly the secret of the game: find the openings and squeeze the balls through them to have them bounce over and over again, causing as much damage as possible to the nearby (and far away) blocks.

If there is no opening (usually happening in the classic mode), you should try to create one by hitting the block with the fewest number of required hits. This requires a bit of planning and strategizing, as well as anticipating where the balls will end up, but it’s worth it!

I also realized that, when it comes to bouncing, a strategy that’s as good as sending shots through the openings is to launch your shots bouncing from one of the walls, at a very small angle. This way, you will get mass destruction each time you play.

Getting the three stars
When playing the campaign missions, you will surely want to get the three stars in each stage you complete. However, that’s not always easy and you will need to replay it in order to get there.

In order to get the three stars, you will need to score many points and in order to do so, you will have to cause as much destruction as possible with as few shots as possible. The more blocks you completely destroy with one move, the higher your score.

So keep trying and replaying, learning where you could improve your game and you will surely get all the three starts in each mission.

Use the power-ups wisely
The power-ups are a great way to help you beat all stages easily, no matter which game mode you’re playing. But they are also expensive and very difficult to get, so make sure that you only use them when it matters.

It makes little sense to use them in the 100 Balls or Classic Mode if you are not going for the 100 rubies reward, since a Boost costs 100 rubies and you only earn 50 (at most) otherwise.

Use these power-ups when you are really sure that they will make a difference and help you win an otherwise difficult stage – or help you get where you want, but only after you have tried a couple of times and saw that there’s no way to do it without using extra help.

Getting Free Rubies
Normally, you can watch ads in the game, from the shop menu and earn 20 Rubies for each ad you watch – up to a total of 100 each day.

However, each day you can also hit the daily login bonus button and there you have an additional ad that you can watch – but this time, you will earn 50 rubies for doing so. Make sure you take advantage of this offer that refills daily!

And this would be it! Bricks n Balls is extremely fun and hopefully our tips and tricks manage to help make it even more fun by helping you get the most out of it.

If you have some Bricks n Balls tips and tricks of your own – strategies that work or anything else that you consider it’s worth sharing with our readers, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!

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Bricks n Balls Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Beat All Stages


  1. There is no denying the game is addictive, but have you tried the ‘Gravity’ portion inside the game (next to 100 Ball)? It is definitely a game changer! My whole focus changed to this game once I played the first time. Granted, it is a bit slow when you start with just 1 ball, but after reaching almost 10,000 on the first try, 19,000 on the second and a bit more than 30,000 on the third, I was hooked! I would love to see your comments on Gravity

  2. i don’t understand the purpose of the piggy bank. From what I can tell, it has to do with either the stars or the rubies or both Does anyone know how that affects collection of either?

    • The Piggy Bank is loaded with Rubies after each level you complete. Once your bank is filled with 1450 Rubies you can buy it for $8.99, which is a discount compared to 1150 Rubies for $9.99 in the game’s store. (Still not worth it to me)

  3. What is the meaning of the green triangles? The current triangle has a value of 40 in relation to the 100 ball game.
    I do not see where that 40 value is going. Does anyone know?

  4. The only place I’ve been able to find to earn the squares is on the treasure hunt games that pop up for a while on the top. They aren’t always available though.

  5. I got the Treasure Hunt once and it was late at night .So after I beat 3 rounds decided to go to bed and the next day I couldn’t wait till after work to finish it up due to lots of triangles and squares won the night before. I log on and it’s not there anymore !!! What gives does anyone know how to get it back ? Thanks for reading this and hope someone has the answer .

    • Treasure hunt game is only available for a limited time. There’s a timer located at the top of the map screen the indicates time remaining. Sorry you missed out.

  6. Treasure hunt game
    I beat three maps and the the “start lightning bolt-1” button turns gray and It won’t start. I have enough energy and enough time. What gives?

    • Anything is possible, but probably not (best I ever had was 4 bricks left).

      Use this game to quickly earn rubies for FREE. The more points you hit the more the bar increases at the top (seen at the end of game play) earning rubies

      • I’ve broken all the bricks to get a score of 18,300 points. And then got it 4 more times.
        I took a pic with my Ipad so I could enjoy the visual pleasure of breaking all the bricks and 18,300 points!

  7. Yes the curved Arrow at the bottom right of the screen while the balls are bouncing. It costs 200 rubies and I accidentally touched it and a stopwatch popped up on the page very briefly but didn’t seem to do anything. What is that?

    • The squares are available in the weekly competition. (Look at the top bar) I have seen two styles. One you can continue building on previous wins. You can get boxes at 100, 400 and 1000 wins. You also can get more on being at the top group of players. The second style is a map where completing the map you get some squares.

  8. I finished the album 2 weeks ago and my weekly challenges stopped coming. Then, yesterday, I got one started again and happily worked at it all day, but today the little icon for the challenge is gone. I also noticed that when I tap on the gear icon, nothing happens. I’m so frustrated with this game because I’m almost at level 400 so the game itself is so challenging and hard that it takes me forever to push forward; I need those weekly challenges to freshen up my interest. Anyone having the same problems?

    • Still in the same boat. No more weekly challenges since I filled the album and no way of contacting them because my gear icon doesn’t work. On the plus side, I no longer get the pop up about the diamond membership. In fact, if I tap on the crown icon, the screen darkens and freezes there until I close out the app and go back into it. It’s pretty boring without the weekly challenges to shake things up since I’m at such a difficult level on the regular playing field (395) that I might just have to give up on this game.

  9. Gear icon is dead for me too. Cheetah won’t answer. Did the treasure hunt a couple of weeks ago. Nothing new. No way to earn squares. Crown icon does nothing. Any new info?

  10. I have a question in the album you need squares to unlock the flags as well as the triangles. So my question is how do you get the squares to unlock them?

    • The crown is a waste of money for a membership so don’t worry about it.

      Make sure you update the app. Go to your Play store, my apps, and update if needed. Also, power off your phone for 2 minutes.

  11. Why did the settings icon freeze up as soon as I (accidentally) hit “remove advertisements” for about $3? It has been several days now and I have no way to check if this is an ongoing or a one-time charge, stop it if I want to, or message the game owner to get it corrected. (Though I have messaged about another issue 3 times and NEVER received even an automated reply so I have little hope they would help with this.)

    I am very close to quitting this game permanently because of the glitches and rotten customer service. It is fun but the aggravations make it less and less worth it.

  12. Does Cheetah even have customer service? Is anyone able to get through to them? My gear icon and crown icon just freeze the screen and don’t do anything. I miss getting the weekly challenges but I think I’ll move on to another game as Cheetah doesn’t seem to care about its customer base.

    • You just “bought” a different style ball with your valuable rubies. Go into the shop and click on the middle tab “Balls” and you will see the original ball in red and saying “Not in Use”. Click on it to go back to original.

  13. Ok what the heck are the squares and pyra.ids for thst you earn throughout the game? I should have a ton since I’ve never done anything with them

  14. Do you HAVE to use rubies / power-ups to complete levels past 408? Level 409 is a stumper – but I’ve seen people on higher levels. I’ve gotten this far without cheats, and hate to give in now.

  15. I’ve noticed that the balls change colors sometimes. Red to blue or a mix of red and blue balls…is there any meaning or point change associated with that?

  16. What’s a typical level for a dedicated player to reach? I am working on Level 465. Goal is to hit 500. Will probably quit after that. Getting repetitive and takes a week or longer to aquire enough power ups to beat many of the levels this high up.

  17. How exactly does the scoring work? I see the count numbers flash up, but have not figured out the logic. Do the red, green, blue bricks score more than others?

  18. Got to level 528. It’s very difficult due to the pure volume of blocks. I just barely got through level 527.. and used about 1,000 rubies… after many many attempts, I just conceded that it wasn’t possible without any rubies and also with a LOT of lucky bounces. Good luck!

  19. How do you move forward in the Interesting Trip challenge? I have earned 3 stars in each level, but there is a cloud blocking moving forward after level 25.

    • Looks like Bricks n Balls no longer supports Android!!! I only see it in Apple Stores online, but not in Google Play Store too. Luckily, my version still works, but I was about to use my Google gift card to get rid of ads too… Maybe Apple bought the addicting game??? I’m on level 526 and not one penny spent on it! Google Play doesn’t even know my credit card! If I can’t win based on my wits and patience, I’m a failure, not the game… Go to Mode->100 Balls for a while to earn 1000 diamonds, then pass hard levels. Damn Apple…

  20. How do I turn off the yellow dotted line which shows what I’m going to his and where it’s going. I turned it on on accident and I didn’t want to turn it off! HELP


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