Breaking Bad Empire Business

Breaking Bad is one of the more popular TV shows of recent times, so it’s not surprising to finally see an iOS game based on it getting released.

Breaking Bad: Empire Business has been developed by Scopely, the team behind a game based on another very popular show, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


As it’s pretty clear from the game’s name, players will be building a not so legal meth empire, join in with other players to be the best around. The game seems to be a pretty standard free to play base building game in the vein of the already mentioned The Walkind Dead: Road to Survival, but fans of the Breaking Bad series will surely be happy to see characters such as Walter White, Jessie Pinkman and others appear on screen.

Breaking Bad: Empire Business is now available for download in select regions such as Australia and a few others. The game comes with support for multiple languages, so we should hear more about its global release very soon.




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