Game Hive, the developers behind the Tap Titans and Beat the Boss series, brings us a new kind of brick breaker! Introducing Battle Bouncers, the brick-breaking RPG. Build a team of mighty heroes and fight off the evils that threaten the land!

Battle Bouncers is a brick breaking, monster mashing game that is reminiscent of arcade classics. Players will command a team of heroes as they shoot magical projectiles that bounce off the bricks and walls. Your objective is simple: slay all of the monsters in the level to proceed!

Now, how you actually go about doing that is the fun part! A team of heroes consists of five mighty warriors, mages, and archers. Each hero has their own unique ability that can help in the monster slaying.

With over 30 heroes to collect and choose from, the team combinations are endless. Hurl explosive fireballs, zap enemies with powerful lightning bolts, and more! Make sure to angle your shots just right to get the most out of your spells.

Battle Bouncers is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.



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