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Although I didn’t really have the best time of my life playing Breach & Clear, I know many people who are madly in love with this tactical game and for them, but especially for those struggling to clear all areas in the game, I have decided to create this article with Breach & Clear tips and tricks that will hopefully keep your squad alive and kicking.

So without further ado, let’s talk some tactics!

1. Probably the most important choice that you make in the game is selecting the role for each of your team members. Don’t do it randomly and pay a big deal of attention to this (we’ll talk more about what each role does and a suggested squad setup for best results.

2. I found that the best way to approach each mission is to keep your team together. Rarely splitting them up in two is a good choice and should only be done when you are confident that your men have enough skill and firepower to resist on their own – and only do it if you want to quickly swipe through a mission for more stars. At all other times, keep the team together.

3. The consumables are really valuable and they are not overly expensive. Make sure to get into your missions with a fair deal of grenades and medkits and don’t be afraid to actually use them (especially the med kits when your team members are injured).

4. Always search for and stay in cover. There is no reason to keep your men exposed. So every move of your soldiers should end in a cover point, preferably full cover (the shield is full) and with maximum visibility around.

5. Did you accidentally tap the wrong square to move to? You can actually change that (it took me a while to figure it out): simply hold the finger on the position and drag around to set a new move target.

6. Level up your players based on their role in your team. If you have a Fireteam Leader with the Draw Fire perk activated, then you clearly want him to have high health and evasion. A Breacher, on the other hand, should have a high explosives rating (and, of course, grenades on him!)

7. Each soldier has more perks than those you see listed in their description (unlocked every 5 levels for the first 15 levels, then at level 25 and 30). These are extremely useful and we’ll try to make a list of them all below.

8. Replay missions: Every mission can be played more than once to increase the stars gained, or played on increased difficulty. The faster you complete a level and the less injury your soldiers take, the more stars you will earn per each mission.

9. Try to have your squad cover as much space as possible: if an enemy is not in the direct line of sight of your soldiers, they will not be shot at. That’s why one extremely important element in planning the strategy is to make sure that you always have the whole room covered.

Now let’s find out more about each of the classes in Breach & Clear and we’ll discuss afterwards the best squad setup!

Fireteam leader

fireteam leader

Draw Fire (level 1): Enemies focus on this soldier for the turn activated
Close Knit (level 5): Stats boosted when near teammates
Assisting Fire (level 10): When firing on the same target as a teammate, 10% accuracy boost is granted
Intimidation (level 15): Increases the time for enemies to acquire this soldier
Draw Fire PRO (level 25): When using Draw Fire, more resistant to damage
Morale Boost (level 30): Huge stat Boost to entire team for a turn (once per mission)
Skill: Leadership (Cohesive stat bonus to teammates in proximity to this soldier)

Weapons Sergeant

weapons sergeant

Suppressing Fire (level 1): Suppress a target area, preventing enemy fire and enemies from leaving cover
Suppressing Damage (level 5): Deals damage during suppressing fire
Stronghold (level 10): Accuracy improved when behind cover
Suppression Expert (Level 15): Suppression cooldown reduced to zero.
Cover Buster (level 25): Can fire through to enemies behind cover
Surprise (level 30): Can target an enemy with highly effective fire, even through walls
Skill: Improves damage of shots fired



Throw and Go (level 1): Can throw a grenade and move in the same turn
Frag pro (level 5): Increased grenade damage
Flasher (level 10): Flashbang effectiveness increased
Hard Shelled (level 15): Reduces damage the soldier takes from grenades
Cover Pro (level 25): Half cover is the same as full cover
Catch! (level 30): Can throw 2 grenades in one turn
Skill: Increases distance to throw grenades and radius of effect



Stabilize (level 1): Can use a medpack to revive a soldier that is down
Medpack Plus (level 5): Medpacks now affect all teammates within range
Innocuous (level 10): Enemies target the Medic less often
Survivor (level 15): Grants bonus to defense and evasion when health has reached critical state
Stabilize Pro (level 25): Can react to enemy fire while stabilizing
Regeneration: Can regenerate to full health
Skill: Improves effectiveness of medpacks used



Door Wedge: Prevents enemies to use a door
Lookout (level 5): Within a certain radius, enemies will be revealed on the map as the soldier moves
XP Boost (level 10): Survival gives additional XP
Peripheral vision (level 15): Field of view increased by 20 degrees
Sneaky (level 25): Enemies take longer to detect this unit
Ghost (level 30): Can move invisible, but unable to shoot for one round (once per mission)
Skill: Gives 360 degrees view of enemies within limited radius of soldier

Direct Action

direct action

Sprint (level 1): Can move at faster speed, but unable to shoot. Improved evasion
Under Pressure (level 5): Bonus to accuracy when under fire, can stack if under fire from multiple enemies
Killstreak (level 10): Stats increase per each enemy killed (until the end of the mission)
Dodge this (level 15): Penalty to evasion to all enemies engaged with Direct Action
Lone gunman (level 25): Bonus to accuracy, reaction, evasion and intimidation when acting alone
First shot (level 30): For a turn, this soldier shoots first at any enemy in 360 view radius
Skill: Increased time for enemies to acquire this soldier.

So, what is the best squad setup then? Based on my experience and their skills, I would suggest tackling the game with a Medic (for all the obvious defensive reasons), Breacher (for the grenades use), Fireteam leader (for the small boosts he gives to nearby teammates, as well as Draw Fire) and Weapons Sergeant for his great suppressing fire. I might agree that sometimes a Direct Action is better than a Fireteam Leader as a lone gunman, but it rarely happens to send a soldier alone anyway…

And these would be our tips and tricks for Breach & Clear. Do you have other strategies or squad setups to recommend? Let us know by commenting below! And don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

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