Breach & Clear is one of the games that caught my attention today, as the turn based tactical game is about to hit the iTunes store and become available for purchase. And it appears to be a must buy, especially for those who are fans of this genre.

In Breach & Clear, you control a squad of trained soldiers and you clean out various locales of tons of bad guys. Strategy, customization and a lot of different tactical approaches are all part of the game. The trailer that you can check out under the title of the article also shows us a lot of exciting gameplay and proves once again that we have all the reasons to look out for this game today.

Breach & Clear will be priced at $1.99 and it’s an interesting choice, as it was initially announced as a free to play game with IAPs. Probably the developers realized that it’s better to go for the pay once, unlock everything model and sometimes it’s just the way to do it.


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