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Brawlerz Zombies Guide: Tips & Cheats To Getting High Scores

Brawlerz Zombies Guide: Tips & Cheats To Getting High Scores

Zombies have invaded your living room! Breaking out the monster truck and get to blasting in Brawlerz Zombies, an augmented reality action shooter. Your house, your lawn, anywhere you can think of can be the site of your zombie apocalypse! Drive around in your armored jeep blast zombies and run them out with extreme prejudice!

In our Brawlerz Zombies tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of survival and how to get a high score. It is all about taking zombies out in an efficient manner, so let’s get started with our Brawlerz Zombies cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to getting high scores!

Creating the Playspace

When you are starting a game in Brawlerz Zombies, you have to create the playspace using your device’s camera. You can use the slider on the right side of the screen to scale the playspace up or down, allowing you to utilize more space. You can scale down for smaller rooms, or scale up if you have a big room.

There are advantages to using the scaling. If you scale down, you will not have to move your device as much but it might be harder to hit enemies since the game in general is smaller than usual. If you scale up, it is much easier to hit enemies since everything is so big but you are going to have move a lot more!

Make sure that you fiddle with the playspace to get the perfect setting for your own living conditions. Remember that you can pause the game at any time and reset the playspace by tapping the button at the top right corner of the screen.

Protect the Hologram

Your main objective is to protect the hologram in the center of the arena. There are four gates surrounding the hologram at the edge of the arena. Zombies will spawn from these gates, and you must prevent them from damaging the hologram.

If a zombie reaches the hologram, it will begin to attack it, so dispatch it quickly. The hologram’s remaining health is depicted by the green ring around it – as it takes damage, the ring will begin to go down, and it will turn color from green to orange to red when it is about to explode. Once the hologram is destroyed, the game is over.

A good defense to utilize is to simply park your jeep on the hologram and shoot any zombies that come close. If things get a little too crowded, you can start driving around running over zombies to create some breathing room for yourself.

Aim for the Head

If you land a headshot on a zombie, they will take massive damage, usually enough to kill them on the spot. Headshots also give you score multiplier, and you if you keep killing zombies in a rapid fashion, you will earn a ton of points.

If you are going for high scores (and you should!), aiming for the head is the best thing to do. If you take too long to kill zombies, your combo multiplier will reset so you have to kill hard and fast! Remember to point your crosshair directly at a zombie’s head and your automatic aiming should take care of the rest.

Grab Power Ups

Sometimes, after a zombie is defeated, they will drop a power up. Power ups are temporary and can grant you a plethora of bonuses, such as infinite boost, armor repair, maximum speed up, drones that help you take out zombies, and more!

Zombies have a low chance to drop them, but another way to get power ups is to knock it off the enemy ship. Every so often, a dark greenish ship carrying a cargo box will fly across the playspace. If you can land a shot on the ship, it will drop its box which contains a power up inside!

Upgrading Your Vehicle

In the garage, you can customize your vehicles with fun decals and paint jobs, but the main thing you need to do here is upgrade your vehicle. You start the game off with the Buggy, which can be upgraded in a number of ways.

First off, the vehicle’s health, speed, and handling can be upgraded. The bar is split into three different colors: the yellow bar shows the current power, the green bar represents the next upgrade, and the orange bars represent how much that stat can be upgraded. Red bars is the hard limit for that upgrade.

Take the Buggy for example: its health and speed can go up pretty high, but its handling can never be upgraded. Each stat must be upgraded individually and we will go over all of them with you here.


As mentioned, the Buggy is your starting vehicle. With great potential and a good weapon, the Buggy is fit for just about any situation. The Machine Gun, while not inherently powerful, can fire very fast and far!


The Boomer is a big and tanky vehicle, with high health but low speed and handling. This thing cannot move that well, but that is okay because its weapon is the mighty Railgun, a super long-range sniper rifle that deals insane damage!

Find a safe spot to park thing thing and then just start sniping zombies from across the entire playspace. The Boomer is one of the more difficult vehicles to use, but it is extremely powerful in the right hands!


The Flamer is quick and speedy vehicle with high health and speed and decent handling. Its Flamethrower is capable of dealing rapid damage to enemies, but the flames must be sustained for full damage.

The Flamethrower can be upgraded to have faster flames and long reach, so you can zip around the playspace while roasting all of the zombies to death. A great all-around vehicle.


The Monster is another heavy class vehicle. With potentially high health and decent speed but low handling, the Monster must rely on its powerful Grenade Launcher to wipe out large groups of zombies.

The Grenade Launcher can be upgraded to have high rate of fire and decent range, making it an excellent choice against hordes of zombies.


The grand daddy of all vehicles, the Tank is a whopping beast with the highest health and lowest handling of ALL vehicles in the game. Its speed can be upgraded to be decent, but do not expect this thing to turn well.

With all of that weight comes one of the strongest weapons in the game, the Rocket Launcher. This thing is essentially a direct-fire Grenade Launcher, giving it great damage and potentially decent rate of fire and range.

All vehicles must be unlocked with a lot of coins before you can use them, so make sure to get high scores by getting high combos!

Watch out for the Different Zombies

You have to deal with more than just the common undead here! There are special zombies that have different characteristics to them, and it is for the best if you keep your eye on them. The Adoorables use car doors to block shots, but they are weak from behind. The Boombies carry powerful bombs with them that can be used against them!

These are just a few examples, but Brawlerz Zombies features tons of different zombies that perform different actions. Keep an eye out and make sure to stay on your toes – you never know what you are going to run into next!

Complete the Daily Event

Every day, there is a new event mode where you get to play a round with special modifiers in place. Some of these modifiers do wacky things like blow up the size of the zombies, make their heads comically huge, and the like. There are also modifiers that make them much more deadlier, like increasing their health and speed.

You can play in the daily event once a day, and completing it offers more coins than a regular match, so make sure you try each event every day!

That’s all for Brawlerz Zombies! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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