Brawl Stars Grom Challenge Guide: Best Builds, Maps, and Team Comps

Brawl Stars Grom Challenge Guide: Best Builds, Maps, and Team Comps

There are many different brawlers in the fun multiplayer game Brawl Stars. Players can create different builds and teams to defeat opponents. Fortunately, the number of brawlers is constantly growing and in this guide, we will tell you about Grom.

Brawl Stars Grom Challenge

Grom is a brand new epic brawler that players can now obtain for free by completing the Grom Challenge.

The challenge started on December 22nd at 03:00 PM GMT and will end exactly 5 days later on December 27th.

You need to avoid losing matches because after the third loss you will finish the challenge. Then you have to spend 1 Gem to try again. Therefore, we recommend completing the challenge as a team.

The first map will be Hideout. The map has some nice grassy spots where long-ranged brawlers can hide.

Here’s a suitable team:

With Piper, you can break down walls, which will greatly increase the effectiveness of sniper attacks. Homemade Recipe and Snappy Sniping are fine for her. For Leon, use Lollipop Drop and Invisiheal. And for Nani – Return to Sender and Autofocus. On this map, use gears for shields and attacks.

The next map is Bridge. This map is also designed for long-ranged brawlers and has three possible paths.

The recommended team is similar to the previous one:

  • Byron
  • Piper
  • Nani

Gadgets and Star Power remain the same for Piper and Nani, but take Injection for Byron. Gears for brawlers will differ depending on the role, but damaged gear and speed gear are best.

And the third card is Gem Grab. This map has a lot of grass to hide. But the area around the gem mine is completely open for attack.

Recommended team:

  • Rico
  • Rosa
  • Poco

Gadgets and Star Power for Rico are Bouncy Castle and Super Bouncy. For Rosa, take Unfriendly Bushes and Plant Life. And finally for Poco – Tuning Fork, Screeching Solo. Speed ​​gear will work for all lanes, but for gem carriers, it is better to equip shield gear.

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Brawl Stars Grom Challenge Guide: Best Builds, Maps, and Team Comps


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