All the PvP junkies out there who love demolishing their enemies from level 1, will have a blast because we’ve put together the best Brawl Stars tips and tricks all in one place: here! This article will help you with everything you need to know, so stick around and follow everything that we have to share here, and you’re going to win every single fight.

So, without wasting another moment, we will dive right into our Brawl Stars tips and cheats!

Always keep on moving

This is the most important of them all: keep on moving! Don’t (ever!) be a sitting duck in a field full of guns, because they’re gonna get you really quickly, and it won’t be fun (for you, because for them I’m pretty sure it is).

Never try to take on the enemies while standing on the same spot, because all the enemies’ abilities will be directed towards you, and even with all the life regen available, you’ll die as fast as you can say “brawl”.

What I personally like to do (and it worked quite a lot, let’s say 9 out of 10 games) is move in circles around the enemy (or in front of it, whatever works best for your location), and taking fast turns so if they try to anticipate your movements, they will most likely fail.

Another thing to keep in mind here, if you don’t feel comfortable playing with the joystick, you can try out the tap to move option. I suggest trying out both since you might discover you like the other one better.

Charge your skills

At all times, try to keep the enemies targeted and attack them, even while moving, because when you attack the ultimate skill will charge up more often (the more you attack, the more it will be ready) and you’ll do massive damage.

Also, don’t forget that you can manually target instead of just tapping on the skills, so if you know an enemy is in the bush (which you cannot target, because they are hidden) just target the bush manually and whoever is hidden in there will take a good chunk of damage.

Heal to sustain your life (literally)

When going in the front, or even when you try to run away, you’ll sometimes get attacked (it’s bound to happen, and it happens to all of us so don’t worry). You should avoid dying at all costs, and in order to do this, you should go back and regen the lost HP.

Try hiding in the bushes that are further away from the enemies, or in any place that you will not get hit. That will quickly recover your health and once you’re healed up, you can go right in and fight them.

Stick with the team

Since it’s a team game, you have two other players in there with you for a reason. Try sticking with them because that’s going to make fights much more easier. Also, if you stay close to your team mates there is a chance that the enemy will attack them instead of you, so even if they are bad at the game, you can still win.

Depending on how the fights are going, there are three things you can do here (well, four, but I don’t suggest quitting the fight so I won’t even mention that):

If you are good and your team is bad, do this: use the team mates as basically meat shields, and stay behind them (so like that you won’t get targeted first) and just input damage whenever possible. Don’t rush in unless you can take them out on your own, and don’t expect anything from the team. If you rush in and die, you might lose the fight, so think carefully about it.

If you are bad and your team is good, do this: try helping them however you can, by picking Gems or by going in to tank for them. This depends on how the fights are going, so if your team can take the enemy on 2v3, you can stick close to the Gem Mine and just pick up Gems in order to win, while your team keeps the enemy at bay.

If you along with your team are good, do this: this is the ideal match up, so if you are lucky to have good team mates (and you are good as well), then this match will be a piece of cake.

Focus on the objectives

You might know by now, this is the thing you must obtain in order to win the fights. The kills don’t matter as much as collecting Gems does, so if you can, always try to collect the gems that pop up.

I suggest going for them as soon as they pop out of the Mine, but if there are enemies nearby, you can let them collect the Gems first, then go right ahead and kill them. They will drop the Gems they picked up and it’s a fun and easy way to collect them with minimum effort.

Improve your Brawlers

Once in a while you will get Power Points and Trophies for a certain Brawler, and they will help you improve them. That is great when you want to focus especially on a single one or a few ones.

Because each hero has their own perks depending on the game mode, I suggest you focus on a select few and improve them as much as you can. This will make them stronger, and it’s kinda required in order to win fights later on since everybody will be rocking upgraded Brawlers.

Get more Brawlers

To get more, we will detail a bit about what you will need to do in order to unlock them. First things first, you need to know that there are few rarities to them: Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic and Legendary. They are more difficult to obtain, the more “legendary” they are.

The one thing you need to keep in mind (that is awesome) is that they can all be obtained for free, with a little work and time put into game, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your favorite Brawler.

So, to get things started, you will get 100% guaranteed some Brawlers from ranking up. This is the easiest and most common way to get them, and the easiest way to do so is keep on fighting, and win as many games as possible.

The second way to get them is from Brawler Boxes, which you get from collecting the Tokens when you win and lose (obviously more when you win).

The third way to get Brawlers is from the store, which will give you random offers every day. If you feel like spending a few bucks, you can do that too, but they are all attainable through in-game stuff such as simply fighting, so I don’t necessarily see the need to invest RL cash.

Let’s not forget about the slight impediment when it comes to tokens: you can only get a limited amount of them, before you will have to wait out to refill. The tokens can be earned from playing 10 matches only, and then, even if you can still play, you won’t be rewarded Tokens. So, you will have to wait for them to refill again. If that’s a problem for you, use a Token Doubler!

Try out different game modes

Last but not least, comes the game modes. You can choose from a wide variety of game types, which you can then perfect to playing. The game modes are unlocked with your rank, and they are as follows:

Showdown: it’s a battle royale in a shrinking field. Here you will have to fight the enemies and try at all costs not to die, since you will lose. The goal is to be the last man standing, so try your best!

Bounty: Here you can go all-out PvP mode, since this is the mode that focuses on the bounty of each player, and the more kills you get, the higher your bounty will be. Also, try to avoid dying and collect all the enemy’s bounty!

Heist: If you are familiar with “capture the flag” type of game modes, then it doesn’t need explanation, but for whoever doesn’t know what I am talking about, it’s basically a mode where you need to get to the enemy safe and collect it, while trying to defend your own.

Brawl Ball: This is a football type of game, and if you’re a fan of FIFA or PES you might have just found your favorite mobile alternative. It’s not my favorite, but that’s just because of all the football influence.

These are all the Brawl Stars tips and tricks we have for you right now, but if you discovered something neat let us know down in the comments, and share it with all the others players!


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