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Brave Order Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Defeat All Enemies

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Brave Order tips and cheats to help you on the battlefield, and pass all the stages with ease.

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This game combines a lot of strategic thinking with a collection of interesting heroes heroes and characters, as well as map positioning and fast paced battles. If you would like to challenge your thinking and try to level up fast and complete all the game’s stages, then we got the perfect strategy tips for you to use.

So, if you are ready to learn them, then let’s not waste another second and dive right into our Brave Order tips and tricks!

Level up fast

This is something pretty important early on, especially if you want to unlock all the game’s content, including Alliances. You can level up very fast if you are determined and complete the normal story line battle stages.

You will level up pretty fast if you start farming the stages, and you will also gain tons of useful items. These items will help you strengthen your forces even more, so that’s amazing.

I prefer to level up as I move on to more powerful stages, until I basically cannot advance anymore with my current troops. When that happens, I focus on either making upgrades to my heroes, getting Artifacts for them, or just getting new heroes.

Whenever you level up you will unlock new slots for troops (at levels 10, 15, 25 and 35) and that will allow you to create an even more powerful army.

The Auto Battle and battle speed up options

The Auto Battle option is going to come in handy pretty well if you want the game to do all the battling for you, but it might not do the best job possible every single time.

I suggest that you actually use Auto Battle early on to help you pass the levels much faster without you doing much (because early on you will be able to pass the levels quite easily).

Later on, you might have to actually use the manual battle option (which means you cast the skills you want your heroes to use) because if you want to win, then this might be the only option (because the fights will get more and more difficult) – casting the skills at the right time.

Since auto battle doesn’t cast the skills probably at the best time (for example you might get healed when your team is on full HP and that’s a waste), you might want to use them yourself. As for the battle speed up, I suggest always using 2X because it’s just going to speed things up a notch.

Join an active Alliance

Once you reach level 10, you will unlock the Alliance function. Here, you can join an active Alliance to play with other players and be in a small “in game community”. You can find alliances by searching by name or by actually forming one (however, it costs a lot of Gems).

Unfortunately you can only find them when you search by name, but if you keep your eyes on the in game chat you can see people advertising their Alliances there!

If you want to advertise your Alliance, just leave a comment down below!

Can’t pass a stage? Here’s what you gotta do

If you keep getting defeat after defeat and can’t seem to progress any further, then you might want to start spending your skill points and make a few upgrades to your heroes.

Here’s how you can upgrade your team:

– Level up your heroes with EXP items by pressing on the green “UP” arrow in the hero interface.

– Learn Elemental Abilities according to which heroes you are currently playing in your team

– Improve your Troops by learning Tactics (go to Troops tab -> Tactics on top right) and by leveling them up (tap on the green “UP” arrow in the Troop interface)

– Get Artifacts and equip them to your heroes.

This is what you can do to upgrade your team to be more powerful. You might have missed that little level up option (I know for sure missed it because it’s not super obvious), but if you haven’t and your heroes are all up to level, then you can follow the other upgrades.

Check out the challenges

In game there are two main challenges: the Special Challenge (which is between the Alliance Hall and Astral Podium in the main interface), where you can advance through the stages, but it’s pretty difficult unless you have a very strong team, and the Daily Challenge (you can find a hero in front of the Astral Podium in the main interface).

The Daily Challenge will have you challenge the hero you see there along with their troops and you can receive various rewards, and a few guaranteed ones. The Power requirements for the Daily Challenge can be quite high if you are just at the beginning, but later on in the game once you’ve built up a strong team, you’ll do just fine.

You can also request help from other players to complete the Daily Challenge, bu tapping on the “HELP” button. There you can ask for help from your Alliance (if you joined) or from World (chat).

Try your luck at The Arbor

The Arbor is basically the “tree” where you can acquire various stuff. There you will have two options: the Spirit of Fortune and the Spirit of Calling.

– The Spirit of Fortune:

In this option you can basically spin a magical “wheel” of fortune and clam various rewards. The rewards refresh every now and then, so keep an eye on this in case you are looking for something in particular.

Also, you should come back every day and spin once for free, because it’s definitely worth it! You get a chance to get something super useful for free!

– The Spirit of Calling:

In this option you can basically summon anything in game. You can obtain here Heroes, Troops, Artifacts, Spells, Towers and Traps of any rarity, up to SSR rarity.

You get Heroic Essence from completing normal stages, or by purchasing them. One Heroic Essence costs 200 Gems, but you can also buy 10 Heroic Essences at once. If you choose to summon 10 at once, you will receive guaranteed a hero.

I suggest saving 10 Heroic Essence from completing quests to “Summon 10” because of the guaranteed hero.

Visit the Market Emporium

In the Market Emporium you can go to the Merchants tab and check out all the goodies there are for sale there. You can find sometimes some stuff that you can get for free every day, and others that are on sale.

If you see something that you need on sale, make sure you buy it because the offer might not be available tomorrow!

According to what elements you are mainly using, you can also visit the Elemental Merchants. You get elemental emblems from completing the normal stages, and if you didn’t know where you can spend them – well, here!

There is an Earth Merchant, Air Merchant, Fire Merchant, Water Merchant and Void Merchant. In each of the elemental markets you can find that certain element’s hero or soldier emblems, as well as Runes and Tactics.

Know your Elements

The elements are pretty important when it comes to how you fight and choose to form your team. As some elements are stronger against others and weaker against others, you need to know how they work and how to allocate the Talent Tokens.

Fire is strong against Win, but weak against Water.

Air is strong against Earth, but weak against Fire.

Earth is strong against Water, but weak against Air.

Water is strong against Fire, but weak against Earth.

Void is neutral towards the other elements.

In the Elemental Sanctum you can allocate points according to what heroes you want to use, or what heroes are the most powerful in your collection in order to further enhance them.

In order to unlock the next skill in line, you need to allocate 1 points to the one above it. The skills you should max first, depending on your element, are in my opinion the Surge (4th skill), but also allocate 1 point to each one depending on which troops you have.

If you allocated Talent Points to something by mistake you can also reset the tree by selecting the “Reset” button on top.

Log in daily for good rewards

If you play the game, you will want to log in every day to simply claim the log in rewards. Even if you don’t plan on playing that particular day, you should still just log in to claim these rewards because you will thank yourself later when you will want to actually play!

Complete quests for even more rewards

In the right side of the screen you will find the “Quest” tab. There, you will have 3 tabs: Daily Duties, Achievements and Missions.

You should check them out, and while in the Daily Duties tab scroll all the way down. There, you will see two options standing out:

– “Like Us On Facebook!” and “Follow Us On Twitter!” – simply tap on the “Show Me” button for each one of them, and then you will be directed to their Facebook and Twitter pages. Each of these options will give you 100 Gems as reward (so that’s 200 Gems total).

In the Achievements tab you should check out all the possible options and try to complete them whenever you can!

As for the Missions tab, you will receive here various missions that you will passively complete, as long as you have a couple spare heroes. One missions requires 3 heroes, so if you have more heroes, you’ll be able to complete more missions at once.

Always try to complete these Missions, starting with the one that takes the shortest time. Oh, and also use the heroes which give bonuses for each mission! (choose the heroes with a green text “Bonus” over their icon)

These would be all of our Brave Order tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you have some more useful game tips you’d like to share with us? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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