I’ve spent the past couple days enthralled by the charming new puzzle-based iOS game Brain Master by Atenea Innova. The game combines a charming little story about a robot trying to discover the meaning of life with several easy-to-learn puzzle games that can challenge players of all skill levels. Below, I’ve shared some tips and tricks for a few of my personal favorite games from Brain Master.


The goal of Police is fairly simple: you must take turns with the computer and block the thief token from escaping through the map’s upper exit using your police tokens but the trick is that your police tokens can only move downwards or sideways, not upwards. The game’s early levels are easy enough but once you get to the later stages, which involve having to trap the thief token with three different police tokens, the game quickly takes on a “chess-esque” feel in which you have to anticipate the computer’s move and counter them ahead of time.

While the map’s scenery makes it a little hard to tell, you can actually move your police tokens across the entire horizontal plane of each row of slots no matter which row you’re on. While you can spend a few XP points on getting a hint for a particular level’s solution, the hints themselves are often vague; only providing the first one or two moves to make which was often something I’d already figured out on my own, so use them only as a last resort.


Bees is yet another game that seems simple at first but soon manages to throw a few curveballs the player’s way. A honeycomb grid is set up and placed upon it are a few different types of bees. The player’s goal is to remove all the worker bees by “hopping” over them with the queen bee from an occupied space to a free space adjacent to the bee she’s hopping over (similar to checkers). In later levels, soldier bees, which can also be controlled by the player, enter the mix and force the player to carefully decide which bees get hopped over first.

One handy tip to remember is that if a bee is in the top or bottom-most center space, they can actually be hopped by moving either the queen bee or a soldier bee from the top or bottom-most left space over to the right and vice versa. Also, soldier bees can hop over the queen in order to gain a better position and the queen will remain where she is (since she can’t be removed).


Fans of the old board game “Rush Hour” will be instantly familiar with this fun little brain teaser. By sliding different box carts of varying length, the player must clear a path for their forklift to the level’s exit. Early levels can be solved in a matter of second but some of the game’s later levels require some serious brain power to work through.

While early levels usually don’t require having to move the forklift, make sure not to forget about it as you work your way into the later stages. You’d be amazed how many times I’d get stuck trying to move the various box carts around before realizing I had to move the forklift over a space or two in order to discover a particular level’s solution.

Driver, Bees, and Police are just a few of the various games Brain Master offers and the entire game manages to deliver a whole heap of puzzles right off the bat without requiring any in-app purchases (though those are provided for more impatient players who want to unlock some of Brain Master’s later games and levels right away). These tips and tricks should help you conquer a few of the game’s more brain-taxing later levels but don’t forget to take the time and figure out your own methods and strategies!