Aim, pull, shoot! Bowmasters is an all-new one touch game about precision strikes. Choose from a variety of wacky characters with even wackier weapons and duel to see who is the bowmaster! When it comes down to it, this game is mostly about your own calculations and aiming skills, but there are a few tips we can go over, so let’s get started with our Bowmasters cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Remember your angle and power!

This is a game all about pinpoint precision and accuracy, so you’re going to have to do some math to make sure your shots will land! On the very first shot of the match, you have to eyeball your shot. Before you shoot, make a mental note of the power and angle you used. From there, you can start doing some calculations to determine where your next shot will land. Did your shot go over your opponent’s head? Either reduce your power or lower your angle, or maybe a bit of both. The game doesn’t keep track of your previous trajectories so you will have to do it yourself.

2. Try out all of the weapons!

When we tried out new characters after unlocking them, we discovered that the new weapons that each character has isn’t just a reskin – they actually function differently! Here’s a quick rundown of the weapon types we were able to experiment with.

    • Normal, straight projectiles. These include Robin’s arrow, Mr. Gorskiy’s flag, and Julius’ spear, among others. These slim projectiles function as you’d expect them to: they fly straight and obey all normal laws of gravity. They’re hard to hit with since they’re so narrow, but they come with the advantage of having the biggest headshot damage. If your accuracy is good, you might want to stick with these weapons.

  • Circular, rotating projectiles. These include Terrance’s chainsaw and Arnold’s tomahawk. These projectiles are heavier than the straight ones, so they fly slower. Since they’re so big, it’s pretty easy to land a hit with them, but they don’t do as much damage as the straight projectiles. If you find yourself having trouble landing hits, these may be the weapons for you.
  • Special projectiles. These come in the form of a mix of straight and circular projectiles, but they also have special abilities that can be activated by tapping again during the projectile’s flight. These include Kacey Twitch’s gamepad and Ron Etienne’s magic card. Each weapon has a different function, so you’ll need to test them out to see if you like them. Kacey Twitch’s gamepad emits an electrical field around it when activated, so it can be used to damage your opponent if the gamepad itself barely misses them. Ron Etienne’s magic card bursts into five mini cards that can be useful for splash damage.

3. Try Bird Hunt for coins!

If you need some coins, bird hunt is usually the way to go. If you can get at least fifteen birds, you’ll be able to rack up around 300 coins. Just be sure to grab every timer power up you see, as they add a couple seconds onto your time limit. If you can grab each one that spawns, you should be able to keep playing for at least a good two minutes. We would also recommend apple shooting, but after three successful shots, the distance becomes a little too far and it’s quite challenging.

That’s all for Bowmasters. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. You can one shot with hunger girl. If you can get the headshot with her arrow., right before it hits them, you use her special, it turns into three arrows and all three of them are headshots if you do it close enough to their head. Cheat?

    • No, but I’ve done that before. I have everyone in the game except Jeremy (cos I’m free 2 play), but I have done trials of him. The most op characters r the following (opinion) : Jeremy, Hipster, Hunger Girl, King Octopus, D’evourer, Y, Betty, Dark Mage and Terrance.


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