Gram Games brings us a magical twist on the old Breakout formula in the form of Bounzy! Bounzy! is a fun breakout clone with light RPG elements. With our Bounzy! cheats and tips you’ll become a spell-slinging master in no time! Much like any other “bat-and-ball” type game, this one is all about aiming and angling your shots.

So to help you better your spell game, let’s get started with our Bounzy! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Study the field!

Before you launch a volley of magic bolts, be sure to study the field. Try to keep an eye out for little crevices and nooks. Sometimes the monsters will spawn in formations that leave little gaps between them. These gaps are perfect for bouncing the bolts around inside, which will end up dealing big damage to a group of monsters. Take a look at all of your options and try to make the best shot – each one counts!

Bounce your shots!

While simply aiming straight for a monster is an effective way to take them out directly, your shots will bounce right back at you making your volley a one-way trip. If you bank your shots off the walls or other monsters so that your volley gets a nice angle, you usually get much more mileage out of the volley.

To do this, find the side of a monster or simply use the sides of the board. Angle your shot so that you get as much of a bank as you can. If you don’t angle enough, you might get a weak bank. If you combine this tactic with the first tip, you’ll be able to get lots of damage in on big groups of enemies. You can even use this against bosses since they’re 2×2 panels wide!

This tactic also becomes especially important once you start encountering the shielded monsters. Shielded monsters have a shield covering one of their four sides. If your shots collide with the shield, they’ll bounce right off so you’ll need to aim carefully.

Take out priority targets!

You should aim to defeat the powerful monsters first. They have increased health and can deal 5 damage to your wall should they reach it. Target them as soon as they spawn into the board and make sure they don’t get too close.

You should also prioritize chests. Chests contain a lot of gold and sometimes diamonds in them, the currency that fuels your special spells. Special spells are very useful if you find yourself in a tight situation so it’s always good to have some diamonds on hand.

Upgrade your spells volley first!

You can spend gold on either upgrading the power of your spell volley or the wall’s health. We recommend sticking with upgrading the spell volley because it’s a preventative route instead of a reactive route. You won’t need to worry about your wall taking damage if your spells are powerful to destroy all the enemies with ease! Considering that you don’t get much gold, it’s usually the better idea to invest in spell upgrades.

Should you upgrade the frontline or backline volley? This is up to you to decide, but we like to keep it even. If you ever end up with uneven levels, you can try to take advantage of your volley. For example, if you backline is upgraded a lot, you can take out small fry with your frontline and your backline will end up hitting the bigger targets.

Watch your volley to predict your movement!

Something the game doesn’t mention is that your wizard will reposition after every volley. You can actually see where you’re going to move to as the spot is marked by a little white swirl. Where this swirl pops up is determined by the first shot of your volley to cross over your wall. If you need to angle your shot in a specific way, be aware of your volley!

That’s all of the magical tips and tricks we have so far. If you have any other spell casting tips for Bounzy, let us know in the comments below!


  1. hi im stuck at level 135 just keeps going back to start of 135 ive got over 8 million gold coins cant upgrade spells as all locked up and laboratory locked up as well any help please

  2. Has anyone figured out why for many, many, many folks, the game is getting stuck on level 135. If you are above this level, great. But for many of us, it is still an issue.


  3. I’m also stuck at 135 and cannot advance to purchase more arteliry. This must be some weird glitch in the game. I don’t want to uninstall the app, but I have 10,000,000 counts that I can do nothing with. I’m basically playing now for the diamonds (currently have 6102) that I essentially cannot do anything with either.

  4. Hi

    I have a big red one with minus on mam screen and in game. Looks like punishment to wall health maybe but im not sure. How to get rid of it?

    • You can do up to 3 electric attacks and 3 fireball attacks in each round. These cost 10 diamonds each time. That’s what you use them for. Swapping them for gold is a bad deal IMHO because you only get 5 diamonds each time you complete a level.

  5. When I click on my wizard between rounds, a little box appears that says I have to complete events to gain new hats. What events do i have to complete?


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