Noodlecake managed to deliver one of the best basketball themed “let me play one more time” games with Bouncy Hoops. Our tips and tricks in this article will help you get better scores and more coins quickly so that you can unlock all balls and courts in the game. It’s true, your skill matters the most here, but hopefully it will all get better after reading our tips and tricks.

So if you’re looking to improve your game and beat your friends’ high scores, read on for Touch Tap Play’s Bouncy Hoops tips and tricks!


The ball type doesn’t matter
Although that’s definitely one of your main quests – unlocking all balls in Bouncy Hoops, the truth is that the ball type doesn’t change the way the game is played. These are purely aesthetic changes, so play with whatever ball you have or like the most. It’s your skill that matters the most.

Master the tapping
It’s not really rocket science when it comes to controlling the ball in this quick game: tap faster on the screen to give your ball some speed and extra height quickly. Tap at a slower rate to have more control and guide your ball through the net. I found out that it usually works best with slower taps that allow you to align your shot, but when you miss and get to the opposite side of the board, a few quick taps help you get closer to the board again faster.

Go for the combos
Whenever you score a clean basket or off the board, things are better for you. These trigger combos, so always try to score either of each multiple times in a row. I personally found off the board shots to be easier to score simply because you have a bit more control over that, but if clear baskets are your thing, go for it.

The idea is to try to get your combo meter as high as possible and keep it running for as long as possible if you want to bag in a ton of points. For each new combo, you get one extra point, so if you manage to get your ball on fire for scoring 5 special shots in a row, you’ll get 5 points per scored basket. So, the longer you can keep your combos going, the faster you’ll get super high scores.

Watch ads to continue
Whenever you’re on a good run, the game feels that and offers you a chance to watch an ad in order to keep on playing. Take that offer because with the help of ads, when you’ve already beaten your high score or are close to doing so, you will get a second chance.

Arcade vs Timed Mode
There are two modes that you can play and you can choose your favorite in the main menu. The Arcade mode is selected by default, but I’m having more fun with the Timed Mode.

If you play the latter, you start with 60 seconds available to score as many points as possible, but you can increase that amount by 1 second for each special shot (clean basket or off the board) that you score. I found it a little easier to score more points this way, especially early on. So make sure you try both modes and focus on the one that works better for you.

These would be for now our tips and tricks for Bouncy Hoops. If you found other strategies that works, or if you simply want to brag with your high score, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.



  1. Also, to go along with Combos is, a “High Shot” bonus so get the ball almost to the top of the screen or just ‘high’ above where the rim is. 3 combo types and I feel like there’s another I just can’t think of it rn


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