It’s a bright and sunny day out, and Pogocat thinks it’s the perfect day to hone her pogo skills. What, you haven’t seen a cat on a pogo-stick before? Well now’s your chance, because Pogocat is here to educate you!

Pogocat is a physics-based platformer that takes heavy inspiration from games like QWOP, the game where you had to get a runner across the goal using precision-based limb movement. It was as complicated as it sounds, but it was a funny and memorable experience because there was nothing like that.

Nowadays, there are plenty of wacky physics games on the mobile platform, and Pogocat aims to become another memorable one with everyone’s favorite feline on a pogo-stick! An endless adventure awaits full of obstacles, so get ready for the pogo-stick run of your life.

With simple touch controls, Pogocat will hop, skip, flip, bounce, and jump her way as far as possible through the mountain plains. How far can you get? It’s going to be grueling – yes it’s one of those games – so patience is key. Don’t give up and keep trying Pogocat!

To make things a little more bearable, Pogocat can dress up in variety of fun and cute costumes. The better your runs are, the more coins you’ll get, and you can spend them on new duds from the shop. Pogocat needs to look good if you’re going to go the distance.

Pogocat springs into action today on the iOS App Store.


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