Ketchapp is back with an all new simplistic game: Bounce! In Bounce, you control a bouncy blue ball in hopes of attaining a new high score. Bounce all the way to the top, avoiding deadly obstacles and awesome power-ups. We’ll help you score big with our Bounce cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Grab the power ups!

As the name suggests, the power ups will definitely make your bouncing life a lot easier. At some points they’re even required for you to grab, as they’ll be in fixed locations! They come in a variety of flavors, but as an added note, keep in mind that they might not always be suitable for the current situation you’re in.

  • Spring: This power up increases your jump strength, putting a little “spring” in your jump! Use this to pass by dangerous hazards or just gain some extra ground.
  • Speed: This power up comes in two flavors: speed up and speed down. Down arrow for speed down, and up arrow for speed up. The names are self-explanatory: the speed of every mobile object on screen is affected. This means your jump is affected, rotating/moving platforms are affected, and even the death spikes are affected. While the slow down version might make some jumps easier, the speed up one might do the opposite, so be careful when you grab these power ups.
  • Shield: The lightning bolt power up temporarily turns your ball pink. In this state, hazards won’t affect you, and you can even break the pink boxes with the circles in them. Go nuts!

2. Watch out for the colored platforms!

Most platforms are black, but there are some that behave differently. These ones are colored. Yellow platforms will drop once you collide with them from any angle. Blue platforms will drift right or left. Keep in mind that once they platforms start moving, they’re still considered platforms, so you can make some jumps off of them if you need to.

3. The bottom part of the screen is hidden!

In a rather questionable design choice, the developers of this game decided to place the advertisement banner at the bottom of the screen, but not actually compensate for the play area. This means that you might get saved by a platform you couldn’t see because the banner is in the way. To try to work around this, always note the locations of platforms and try to remember where they’ll be once you move up. If you make a awkward jump, you can fall back on the platform if it has scrolled down too far yet.

4. Pass through all the gates!

You gain a point for every turquoise gate you pass through. Normally they’re horizontally lined, but sometimes they’ll be vertical, which means there’s a chance you might pass one up if you’re not paying attention. Keep a lookout!

5. Above all, take your time!

There’s no time limit of any sort, so take your time with your jumps. Unless you have some platforms moving around below you or you have hazards in the way, there’s no sense of rush or urgency so don’t rush your jumps. Most of our deaths came from mistimed jumps, so take your time!

If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!


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