Wacky Sack Go is a fun little casual platforming game where you play as cute little animals riding on bouncy hacky sacks. Using simple touch controls, players will guide their animals through courses to see how fast they can reach the end without making too many mistakes.

Players will start the adventure as Hoppy Dog, and he will lead through the basics of the game. To get through a course, you need to jump forward either one or two spaces using the appropriate buttons.

Test yourself in time trials where you try to blaze through the course as fast as possible. You cannot just mash the movement buttons though, because you need to avoid the X spots littered around the track. Be careful and move with accuracy!

Wacky Sack Go also features different modes for all kinds of players. If you want to chill and relax with a nice casual run, you can do that too! You can also take part in the puzzle courses if you are looking for brain teasers.

There is plenty to do in the world of Wacky Sack Go, and there are plenty of cute little critters to collect as well. The fun never ends!

Wacky Sack Go is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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