Rhythm Platformer Neon Beats Coming to iOS in January


Neon Beats is an bouncing new rhythm platforming game from Plug In Digital, the developers behind unique mobile experiences like The Seven Chambers and PictoQuest.

In Neon Beats, players will take control of a little rolling cube that can be rolled right or left. The cube can jump, and make no mistake about it you will be jumping a lot during the musical journey.

The game starts off relatively simple so that you can get your bearings, so go ahead and enjoy the lights and sounds as Neon Beats’ neon-aesthetic levels are all designed to sync up with the poppin’ background music.

Once you’re familiar with the controls, get ready because things are about to speed up! Neon Beats’ levels quickly turn into constantly moving obstacle courses as you jump to stay ahead of the transforming levels.

Feel the rhythm and jump to the beat as you swerve and dodge around spiky death traps and bottomless pits. Think Geometry Dash but you’re in full control here – no auto running!

Dive into the neon landscapes of Neon Beats when it drops onto the iOS App Store on January 13, 2021.

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Rhythm Platformer Neon Beats Coming to iOS in January


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