Born to Climb is a brand new one tap game for mobile, one that gets you hooked instantly and makes you wish to go higher and higher, conquering one mountain after another. And we’re here to help you by sharing some Born to Climb tips and cheats in our complete guide.

You’ll learn how to play Born to Climb in order to get the most out of it, as well as everything else that you should know about this addictive mobile game. The truth is that most of your success will still be dependent on your own skill – but for everything else, we’re here to help.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Born to Climb tips and tricks below!

Use two thumbs to play the game
I know that this is a “one tap” type of game that you can easily play using a single finger, but take my recommendation and use two: your two thumbs, preferably, since these are the fingers that make it easier for you play when holding your device.

Alternating from tapping with the right and the left finger will make it a lot easier for you to catch the stones at the right time, helping your brain decide when to grab a rock with the right hand of the climber, and then with the left. Just try it, as stupid as it might sound – you will see that it works!

You can rotate twice before falling
Your climber starts gaining speed as he gets higher, or the rocks you have to grab to climb up might be too close: don’t rush it and hurry to tap the screen, risking to fall.

Instead, allow your climber to fully rotate and give yourself time to tap at the right moment. Have in mind that your climber can perform two complete rotations before falling.

Be careful with those loose rocks!
When deciding what rock to grab next, be careful with the ones that have a crack on them: these rocks are loose and if you try to grab them, you will fall!

Gifts and unlocking boxes
As soon as you get 150 diamonds in the game, you can start working on opening a gift box to unlock a special item. You can only do this accepting the option in the game after losing a climb – so don’t try to buy the items directly from the menu.

Once you purchase the box, you will also have to wait a little bit before being able to actually open it – again, this can only be done in the game’s menu after your climber falls off a mountain.

After getting the item delivered, you can select it from your items menu. There are also various gifts (in diamonds, usually) that are offered every now and then from the main menu, you can get more diamonds by watching ads and you can double the diamonds you receive by watching another ad, which is really useful when you get the gift of 100 diamonds.

Visit the cave
The Cave is a special “mountain” that you can climb in, available for a limited time and put behind another waiting time. Once you unlock the cave, you have a set amount of minutes to get to the top. And it’s worth getting there, because once you do, you will find a chest that will hold great rewards – usually an item for your climber.

Customize your climber with awesome equipment
There are tons of items in the game, all of which can be unlocked with diamonds. Unfortunately, these are only for changing the look of your climber and giving you zany choices, but they don’t affect the gameplay.

So feel free to dress up your climber as you see fit and try to unlock all items before your friends do in order to earn bragging rights!

These would be our Born to Climb cheats and tips for fellow players. Well… no real cheats, we know that – but if we find any, we’ll make sure to update the article. Until then, you can share any other strategies you might have that can help us get better at the game.


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