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Boost Arena Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Boost Arena Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Boost Arena is all-out mobile mayhem! Pick a fancy car, enter the arena, and boost into other cars to destroy to them! You will not survive with your driving skills alone though, so grab a weapon box and unleash destruction upon your foes! Our Boost Arena cheats and tips will show you how to survive the legendary Boost Arena.

Boost Arena is all about fast and frantic action in a small arena. Blow the competition away with the help of our Boost Arena cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Weapons overview!

  • The Green Tyre will spawn three green tyres around you. They will protect your from other weapons flying at you, and if another car gets too close to you they will be destroyed! You can fire them off one by one by activating them, and they will fly in a straight line. Aim well to knock out other cars!
  • The Red Tyre functions just like the Green Tyres, but with the added bonus of homing functionality! That’s right – these babies will chase down cars even if you do not hit them directly. If you see an unprotected car roaming around, throw a Red Tyre at them and you are guaranteed to crash them!
  • The Bomb drops an explosive surprise behind you. If someone is on your tail, drop this right in front of them to make them think twice about chasing you! Be careful – the fuse on the bomb is VERY short, so take care not to blow yourself up!
  • The Decoy Box is a sneaky little item. It looks just like a regular wooden item box, but the symbol on top is different. You can trick other players with it or you can simply drop it in their face to surprise them.
  • The Golden Bullet is the ultimate killer! This weapon functions essentially like a super charged Red Tyre. The Golden Bullet will lock onto an opponent and ceaselessly chase them down an alarming speeds. If you find yourself being hunted by one of these things, immediately boost away and try to get close to another car – the Golden Bullet will lock onto whatever car is closest to it.

Utility overview!

  • The Vacuum turns your car into a temporary mobile vacuum. You will pull in nearby boost balls over a greater distance, making this useful for building up boost.
  • The Golden Helmet is the rarest of items and for good reason: it renders you temporarily invincible. If you get this, use it wisely!

Get boost first!

When you spawn in, your first order of business is unlocking boost as soon as possible. Drive around and avoid other cars – just collect boost balls until you can boost. Boosting can take out other cars and save your own, so it is very important.

Grab the golden bonus ball!

Every so often a golden ball will spawn somewhere in the arena, marked with an indicator. This is golden bonus ball and collecting will add a bunch of points to your end game score. As soon as it spawn go straight for it, because the other players will most likely be after it as well.

Scoring System!

It is all about the points here in Boost Arena, and we will show you how the scoring system works. At the end of a match – after about five or so lives – your actions will be tallied. Boost balls are worth one point each, takedowns are worth 25 points each, and golden bonus balls are worth 250 each.

Your car starts off at level 1, and level ups will unlock new paint jobs for your car. At certain levels your score multiplier will also increase, meaning you will passively get more points.

Build your arsenal and hang onto items to protect yourself!

Your car can hold up to five items at once, so do not worry about wasting any. Use them as much as you wish because you can always grab more! Also, note that certain items, when they are currently selected, are held behind your car. This can be useful for protecting yourself from things like Red Tyres and Golden Bullets.

That’s all for Boost Arena! If you have any more tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Boost Arena Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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