Boom! Tanks Tips, Tricks and Cheats


For the past few days, I have been madly playing Boom! Tanks on my iPad and now I decided that I have enough experience playing the game to share with you a complete set of Boom! Tanks tips and tricks hopefully so good that you’ll consider them actual cheats for the game. But let’s leave the talk aside and let’s focus on the walk. In our case, the tanks and how to make sure we send all our enemies to the scrap metal collecting rooms.

Here are the Boom! Tanks tips and tricks for the iOS game!

1. Upgrades are the key to victory
Just like in every game, upgrading your tank is the key to victory. There are four areas in which you can upgrade your tank and generally you will want to balance everything out (as in purchase all the first set upgrades, then the second and so on). This happens because each upgrade you get improves a stat of your tank, but also decreases another. For example, if you increase the Attack, you will decrease the Aiming and if you increase the Defense, you will increase the Reload time. Fortunately, aiming tends to work pretty well so you don’t have to worry about that.

Here is the order I recommend for upgrading your tank: Armor, Main Gun, Tech, Ammo, Reload, Aiming. Rinse and repeat for each level.

2. Rapid shots vs Charged shots
Charged shots are better because they cause more damage and give you a greater chance to hit a perfect shot. However, it’s not always a good strategy to go for a charged shot, especially if you think there’s a risk to hit anything BUT a perfect shot. Usually, three rapid shots are a lot better than 1 charged one and you always have to take into account the life bar of the enemy tank. If their life meter is close to zero, then there is no point in waiting for a charged shot. Personally, I would suggest 1 charged shot per fight and the rest – perfect or at least good fast shots.

3. Complete the Daily Assignments… daily!
These are great ways to play with solid tanks and evenly matched opponents. If you can hit the perfect shots (or at least a combination of perfect and good) you will have no problem winning all the Daily assignments for great bonuses. You also get to play with other tanks, including elite ones, which is a bonus itself.

4. Fast Forward near the enemy tank
I’m not sure if this is 100% correct, but I always had the impression that if I fast forward the intro sequences (by tapping and holding the screen) when I have to aim, the aim target will be very close to the enemy tank and therefore aiming is a lot easier. So it’s worth doing this as it certainly does not hurt at all.

5. Try to hit the Perfect Shots
This is clearly something you are aware of and it is mostly a skill related thing. However, when going for the perfect shot (the bar stops withing the middle brackets) have in mind that the longer you let the shot to charge, the wider the space available for a perfect shot. Also, it’s best to allow the bar do a complete move along the bar before stopping it for an increased chance of a perfect shot.

6. Paint Jobs improve stats
Going to the “Personalize” tab gives you the chance to change the Camouflage of your tank and some Camouflage types give you extra coin rewards. They are generally cheat (1 to a few stars) so you could afford them without spending any real money.

7. Save Premium Currency for C2 Tanks
However, it would be best to leave Paint Jobs aside, keep playing and save the premium currency for a better tank: the C2 tank category is the most affordable since you have a nice option of tanks that cost 18 stars and they have some pretty amazing stats (at least compared to C1 tanks)

8. Missions for easy rewards
The Search and Destroy missions are an easy way to get some extra coins: go for the easy to win missions for the easy money. Don’t rush to complete the campaign and build up your tank slowly.

These are our tips and tricks for Boom! Tanks from Codemasters. If you have any additional ones to share with our readers, feel free to do so by commenting below.

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Boom! Tanks Tips, Tricks and Cheats


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