Introducing Boom Karts, a fun new kart racing mobile game with an explosive twist! Drift and boost your way through bright and vibrant courses, and use destructive items like bombs, rockets, and dynamite to blow up the competition! Kart racing has never been this intense, and with real-time multiplayer, Boom Karts is sure to bring out the competitor in you. To help you succeed in your kart racing endeavors, we present to you our Boom Karts cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide!

Race then Adventure

There are two main modes in Boom Karts: race mode and adventure mode. Race mode pits you against other players from around the globe in real-time multiplayer. Playing race mode nets you trophies towards the current season and also chests that have kart upgrades in them.

Chests take time to unlock and the quickest chest is three hours long, so you’re going to fill up those four slots pretty quick. You can continue to play race mode, but you won’t earn any more chests. While you’re waiting for chests to open, why not play adventure mode?

In adventure mode you’ll go up against computer opponents on the same tracks you play on in race mode, only this time you get three optional objectives to complete as you race. The more objectives you complete, the more rewards chests you get to open. The chests you find in adventure mode open immediately, unlike the normal chests you receive.

Build up Lightning Charge

Throughout each course are lightning bolts scattered around. Collecting these will fill up your lightning charge gauge, as indicated in the top left corner of the screen. The higher your lightning charge, the higher your top speed is.

Maintaining lightning charge is a difficult but necessary action. Your lightning charge is constantly draining, so you’ll need to keep picking up more lightning bolts to keep the charge up. As you’re racing, trying to memorize the locations of the lightning bolts so that you can pick them all up on the next run through.

Drift Techniques

Your kart will automatically start drifting once you turn sharply. Sparks will fly from your tires to signify you are drifting, and the longer you drift, the better your boost will be. The sparks start as blue sparks, then go to yellow, then finally purple. You must recenter your kart in order to activate the boost – this is important to keep in mind.

Your goal is to hold your drifts long enough to attain purple boosts. To master drifting you’ll need to take turns at the right times and right angles. Keep practicing on the tracks, and eventually you’ll get a feel for when you should start your drifts.

There’s an important thing to know about purple boosts, and that is when you drift long enough to reach purple sparks, you need to center out immediately and let the boost activate. Purple sparks will actually downgrade back to yellow sparks if you hold the drift for too long, so good timing is needed to take full advantage of them.

A trick you should know is that you can actually switch sides during a drift. If your drift angle is too awkward, or you need to switch directions, you can turn all the way from one side over to the other. If you do it in one fluid motion, you’ll keep your current drift charge. Don’t stop in the middle of changing directions though, as you’ll end up activating your boost.

Item Guide

Tesla emits a short-range shockwave around you that zaps players and destroys items. Properly timed use of the Tesla can clear out soap, bombs, and even rockets locked onto you. When you see the flashing reticle around you, wait about a split second then activate the Tesla to destroy the rockets behind you.

Rockets come in two colors: red and blue. Red rockets lock onto the driver in front of you and blasts them. Blue rockets fly into the air and ignore every driver except for the one in 1st place.

Soap drops a hot pink soap bar behind you. Any driver that comes into contact with it will spin out! Sometimes you’ll get a bundle of three soap bars.

Bomb rolls an explosive bomb in front of you that blows up as soon as it touches an obstacle or driver. You can also manually detonate the bomb by tapping the item button again. You can get bundles of the three bombs, but these cannot be manually detonated.

Dynamite drops a bundle of dynamite behind you. Detonate the bundle by tapping the item button one more time. Dynamite is perfect if you’re being tailed by another driver!

Nitro comes in two colors: blue and red. Blue Nitro works as a one time boost. Red Nitro gives you a boost, but it also causes a meter to appear over your item button. The meter fills up fast, and if you press the item button again you’ll get another boost. The fuller the meter, the more boost you’ll get. Be careful though, if you wait too long the nitro will explode on you!

Lightning Bolts immediately add to your lightning charge gauge. Use this immediately – there’s no reason to hang onto it!

Chili sets you ablaze, rendering you impervious to any kind of attack while boosting you for an extended amount of time. You can only get these when you’re lagging far behind the rest of the drivers.

Remote Control zaps every other driver in the game, regardless of their proximity to you. Like the chilis, remote controls are rare items that are only given to drivers that are falling behind.

Powering up your Kart

Open chests to earn upgrade parts for your kart. Your kart has three slots for upgrade parts, so you’ll have to choose from the selection. Upgrade parts can be upgraded themselves to amplify their effects if you have enough duplicate copies.

Each kart has their own set of upgrade parts. Every time an upgrade part is upgraded, the kart itself will earn experience points. A kart will level up upon collecting enough experience points, at which point its base attributes (speed, acceleration, handling, and boost) increase.

Chests can be earned from competing in race mode battles and through the adventure mode. They can also be acquired from the daily challenges, so be sure to complete as many of them as possible.

That concludes our guide on Boom Karts! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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