Creating statues in Boom Beach is not an easy task and there won’t be many players who will afford to try them all out. Therefore, I have decided to create and share with you a guide on the Boom Beach statues and which ones should you buy. I am writing this with an active player in mind – the strategy should go a bit more defensive and balanced if we’re talking about a player who’s not so active.

But for the active players out there, here is my Boom Beach statues guide and the answer to the question: which ones to build?

First of all, let’s go a bit through the basics: there are 4 types of statues, with three statues to build within each category (Life, Ice, Magma, Dark). Each requires crystals, so having a good balance of this resource is always a good idea.

What I would recommend for an active player is to focus on the Magma statues, since they offer boosts to the troops’ ratings. The more powerful your troops are, the easier it is for you to attack other players and get a ton of resources easily.

The second to focus on would be the Ice statues to improve your defensive buildings. Having one or two of these will surely boost up your protection and prevent other players from earning resources from you. Balancing these two (but with a greater focus on the Magma statues) would be, in my opinion, the best approach to the game and will reduce the number of times you will get attacked considerably.

However, if you don’t play it smart, you will soon get a ton of Victory points this way and you’ll end up getting attacked by the big players out there. So always keep an eye on the Victory points and reduce them to match your defenses level and make you impossible to attack, while still remaining competitive in terms of islands you can raid.

What do you think about this approach to building the Boom Beach statues? Do you agree with it or you prefer a different approach?


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