The upcoming animation movie The Book of Life received the match three treatment on iOS powered devices with the release of Book of Life: Sugar Smash. Unlike most movie-based titles, this one is actually pretty good and I had a great time playing it, and I am sure that you can say the same. But since it’s not easy to get all the three star ratings in the game for all levels, I have decided to come to your help and share with you some Book of Life: Sugar Smash cheats and tips for the perfect strategy guide for beginners and advanced players worldwide.

So if you’re having trouble beating a level or mastering it, read on our Book of Life: Sugar Smash tips and cheats!

Start matching at the bottom
Even if most of your level’s challenges are somewhere at the top of the screen, it’s important to start matching at the bottom. This way you can trigger combos and basically allow the level to complete itself with the help of the incoming falling sweets. Work your way from the bottom upwards and you’re already one step ahead of the game.

Solve the problem areas first
Many levels have tricky areas that you have to free up or create matches in, like corners or squares with difficult access. Focus on completing these first because otherwise you might find yourself at the end of the level with a single piece left, one that’s impossible to create a match for.

Create matches of more than three pieces
Four pieces in a row, five pieces in a row or L shapes: all these create power-up sweets and they are extremely useful in any level as they can easily turn the tides in your favor. Always look for possibilities to create these matches and if possible, save your special sweets for later, because if you can match two special sweets, you will trigger an even greater effect, sometimes sweeping out the board and offering you a huge advantage.

I know that Book of Life: Sugar Smash is a sweet game that you love to play and it seems very random and luck-based, but a bit of strategy will never hurt. Every time you start a new level, check it out, find the areas where you have to work, notice the sweets that can create longer matches and use that to your advantage. Simply matching the first sweets that you see might work for the first few levels, but pretty soon you will have to think a bit before each of your moves and make sure that you always pick the right one.

Use Power-ups carefully
You get a bunch of different power-ups and boosts in the game for free as you play and you can really get an advantage from using them, but try to resist the temptation to use them right away. As you progress through the levels, the challenges will become more and more difficult, and that’s when these power-ups come in handy. So play a level several times before deciding to finally use a power-up and only do so when you are 100% sure that you can beat that level, otherwise it’s just a waste of power-ups and, in the end, money.

Connect on Facebook
If you want to get extra lives, connecting your game on Facebook is the answer. Your friends can send you lives (and you can do the same for them), so it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case you run out of lives when trying to beat a difficult level.

These would be our tips and tricks for Book of Life: Sugar Smash, a surprisingly good match three game for the iPhone and iPad. Do you have other strategies that you’re putting to good use to beat a difficult level? Let us know by commenting below!
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    • It seems that more blue candies appear as you make special candies like the four in a row, T shapes and L shapes. I finally got through it using that strategy.

    • Linda, are u still stuck on 30? just took a look at it, you have to get a four of a kind, of any colour, and use that to eliminate it, so, you have to line it up above or below the centre box. best is if you get 5 of a kind, pair that with 4 of a kind, or an x one, that should clear out much of everything. i´m myself stuck now on level 625 :(

    • Sometimes it’s all a matter of luck as to the colors that populate. I had a level recently I played for a week trying all tricks, because of that damn red gingerbread man, one day i played, barely even paying attention and boom, won it with moves to spare…wtf??? Roflmao

  1. Hello

    I have noticed in facebook that when im playin sugar snash that i get several notifications in my activity log showing ghat i have beat a pserson… now does this mean i am playing this freind one to one?

    • No, it simply means that for that particular level, you managed to beat the score of one of your friends. If it’s the same person, maybe they are the only ones to play the game or just a coincidence.

  2. I have not been able to open again on my Samsung 10 inch tablet, even though I can still get it on my 7 inch tablet and my phone. I’ve removed it and reloaded it several times with no luck. It will start playing the theme music and start to load, then goes back to my home page. Any suggestions?

  3. OMG! You guys are awesome; level 300 something and higher! I can’t seem to beat the one level where you have to beat all 5 levels with 1 life! It’s the 2nd level that has the worms. Can you assist?

  4. the cheats and tips on line for level 394 of book of life sugar smash are not for that game–can anyone help me to get this level conquered. Have no idea how to move the skull

  5. Finally figured it out, as long as here is at least one orange on the board they will refill. If you clear all the orange before you get any more they do not drop.

  6. Hello all! So, I’m on some sort of sub-level, where you have to pass five levels with a single life. I think I was on standard level 175 or 200 before this. I finally figured out how to collect the treats on the 1st one (of these five) with horizontal smashes, but now I can’t get past the 4th one where you have to find the corn. Any tips or tricks on this one? It’s the one with the broken tube in the center – w/butterflies and grub worms (?) in it, and four isolated corners with two small corns each, not to mention the ones in the center – all needing more than one smash to be uncovered – just not enough moves :~. TIA!

  7. I lost quite a few Power ups recently. I know I had 3 bombs, and I think several others in each category. Does anyone know how this happens? I’m on level 1999.

  8. Level 1345 has me baffled. I cannot figure out how to get the red and yellow pieces in the area I need them, they all seem to go to the bottom where I have already cleared the screen. Any help is appreciated!

  9. Level 962! I can get everything on the left side of the board but that one column on the right hand side is impossible! Does anyone have any hints because it is by itself, and blocked so it’s almost like you have to do it by itself but you can’t get anything over there to make the candies disappear to find the corn


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