Meet Ponpu: a shadowy duck with big red eyes. He’s on an adventure to stop the evil Duck-God from resetting the universe! The Duck-God has enlisted the aid of mighty bosses, and Ponpu is going to need your help to overcome them!

Ponpu is a stylistic new action adventure game that takes clear inspiration from the Hudson Soft classic Bomberman. Ponpu’s basic ability allows him to drop bombs that blow up in grid formations, much like Bomberman himself. Use these bombs to take out enemies, clear obstacles, and more!

Ponpu also has special abilities that let him approach combat at different angles. He will gain the ability to dash around the field, push enemies on command, activate shields to block attacks, and more. Use all of Ponpu’s abilities to conquer the battlefield!

But, Ponpu won’t be alone on this journey – the game also features four different characters to play as, each with their own distinct abilities. Choose the right hero for the job!

Ponpu features an action-packed single-player adventure with multiple worlds to explore. Each world is themed differently and Ponpu’s unique art style makes the worlds really come to life. Can you stop the Duck-God from resetting the universe? Ponpu is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store for 4.99 USD.


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