Blue Archive Tsubaki Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More


Blue Archive’s Tsubaki is an SMG wielding narcoleptic who is actually quite skillful. She charges into battle and protects her allies by using her tactical shield, and she can even nap on the battlefield to restore HP! Today, we’re taking a closer look at Tsubaki in our Blue Archive Tsubaki character lore, skills, and more guide!

Tsubaki’s Lore

President of Hyakkiyako Academy’s Inner Discipline Club.

Her motivation for training regularly is to attain “a more comfortable and restful sleep.” Thanks to her diligent training, she is able to sleep while sitting, standing, or even while eating. Her prowess earned her the nickname “Sleeping Beauty.” Though she seems to be constantly on the verge of nodding off, at night she takes to the streets to keep them safe.

— Tsubaki’s in-game profile
  • Age: 16 years old
  • Birthday: February 3rd
  • Height: 5’3″
  • Hobbies: Napping

Tsubaki’s Combat Skills

Tsubaki is a 2-star Striker Tank with piercing attacks and special defense. She advances upon her enemies with her trusty SMG and tactical shield, and she prefers to fight in urban and field settings. She dislikes fighting indoors.

Tsubaki’s max base stats are:

  • HP: 40789
  • ATK: 1461
  • DEF: 144
  • Healing: 3695
  • Accuracy: 98
  • Evasion: 1416
  • Crit: 196
  • Crit DMG: 200%
  • Stability: 1420
  • Range of Fire: 350
  • Crowd Control Power: 100
  • Crowd Control RES: 100

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Tsubaki’s combat skills are:

EX Skill: Deploy Tactical Shield (Cost 4) — Tsubaki deploys her tactical shield, increasing her defense for 30 seconds. The shield also taunts nearby enemies for a short time, drawing their attention.

Basic Skill: Sleep Cures All — Tsubaki sneaks in a quick a nap to recover her HP. This skill can only be performed when Tsubaki is below 30% of her max HP, and it can only be used once per stage.

Enhanced Skill: Fortitude — Tsubaki’s defense increases.

Sub Skill: Expert Reload — Tsubaki takes less damage as she’s reloading.

That’s all for Tsubaki! If you have any other questions about her, let us know in the comments below!

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Blue Archive Tsubaki Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More


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