Blue Archive Nodoka Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More

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Everything you need to know!

Nodoka appears as a playable character in the Gacha RPG mobile game called Blue Archive.

Read on ahead to learn everything there is to know about the curious, yet mischievous Nodoka!

Basic Details

  • Full Name: Amami Nodoka
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: February 20
  • Height: 147 cm
  • Hobbies: Astronomy
  • Voiced by: Satomi Satou
  • Illustrated by: Hwansang
  • Release Date: 04/29/2021

Lore and Background

Nodoka is a student of Red Winter, who is currently suspended from school and confined to Class No. 227 in the old school building. She was suspended because she was “using a telescope to engage in stalking.”

Ndka wishes to observe all of the beautiful things in the world in their true form with her own eyes, which includes her Sensei. The hardships she has had to endure being confined to Class No. 227 have changed her extravagant views on life.

In-Game Details

  • Attack: 1281
  • Defense: 96
  • HP: 13298
  • Healing: 3966
  • Accuracy: 98
  • Evasion: 1215
  • Critical Rate: 197
  • Critical Damage: 200%
  • Stability: 980
  • Firing Range: 1000
  • CC Strength: 100
  • CC Resistance: 100

Nodoka’s Role

Nodoka plays the Support / Back role. Nodoka does not provide much DPS for the party and is meant to support her allies while dishing out damage when needed. Nodoka is valued for her evasion debuffs and accuracy buffs, making sure her teammates don’t miss their crucial attacks.


EX Skill

For 30 seconds, increase Accuracy of all allies in a circular area by 25.2-47.9%, for a measly cost of 3.

Normal Skill

Every 25 seconds, deal 221-421% damage to 1 enemy, decrease their Evasion by 17.7-33.7%.


Increase Accuracy of all allies by 9.1-17.3%.

Passive Skill

Increase Accuracy by 14-26.6%.

How to Obtain Nodoka

Nodoka can be obtained from the Box Gacha in the event: Revolutionary Ivan Kupala.

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Blue Archive Nodoka Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More


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