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Blue Archive Koharu Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More

Blue Archive Koharu Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More
All you need to know!

Koharu appears as a playable character in the Gacha RPG mobile game called Blue Archive.

Read on ahead to learn everything there is to know about the lewd and silly Koharu!

Basic Details

Full Name: Shimoe Koharu

Age: 15

Birthday: April 16

Height: 148 cm

Hobbies: Daydreaming, collecting lewd magazines

Voiced by: Hikaru Akao

Illustrated by: DoReMi

Release Date: 6/10/21

Lore and Background

Koharu is a reluctant member of the Supplemental Lessons Club of Trinity Integrated Academy. Due to her failing grades and having to repeat a year, Koharu was forcefully transferred to the Supplemental Lessons Club.

Koharu lives in delusions. She imagines herself to be an elite, but is actually quite dull, being unable at all to keep up with her studies.

She has a hidden hobby of collecting dirty magazines, while having unnatural fantasies about normal everyday things, leading to her own embarrassment most of the times.

In-Game Details

Attack: 1966

Defense: 116

HP: 18371

Healing: 6314

Accuracy: 923

Evasion: 194

Critical Rate: 205

Critical Damage: 200%

Stability: 1948

Firing Range: 750

CC Strength: 100

CC Resistance: 100

Koharu’s Role

Koharu plays the role of a Healer / Back. Koharu’s offenses are completely limited, so don’t be expecting power-packed hits when you need to fire back. Have her at the back diligently healing teammates and raising their attack, while keeping herself alive and firing back when necessary.

Koharu’s Skills

EX Skill

Heal allies in an area for 101-192% of Healing. For enemies, deal 227-431% damage.

Normal Skill

For allies that are at less than 50%, heal for 80.8-153% of Healing.


Every 30 seconds, increase Healing by 21.5-41%, for 20 seconds.

Passive Skill

Increase Attack by 14-26.6%.

How to Obtain Koharu

Koharu can be obtained through:

  • Regular Gacha Pool.
  • Koharu Rate-up banner.

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Blue Archive Koharu Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More


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