Blue Archive Affection Stat Guide: Cheats and Tips

Blue Archive Affection Stat Guide: Cheats and Tips

Blue Archive is one of the most popular mobile releases that were launched recently. This game has a huge amount of different characters that you are able to obtain via Gacha. Then you will need to form them into a squad and complete different missions. However, fighting is not the only thing you can do with your characters. There is a stat called Affection and it shows your relationships with a certain character. This guide will tell you about Affection in Blue Archive.

Affection in Blue Archive

Affection in Blue Archive is one of the stat you can see in this game. It shows your relationships with the different characters you have in your collection. The higher the number of Affection the better your friendship is. But this stat is not just about friendship. It provides you with a couple of significant rewards if you try to build good relationships with your team.

Affection provides characters with small bonuses to other stats. Also, it unlocks different information that reveals the background of a certain character. So, you may want to raise your Affection with the characters you have in your collection to learn more facts about them and make them stronger.

How to Raise Affection in Blue Archive

When you want to get some bonuses to stats of the characters in Blue Archive and learn their background, you need to raise their Affection. You are able to see the current level of Affection by tapping on the MomoTalk Smartphone icon. There are a couple of ways you can increase Affection.

The first thing you can do is to tap on your students in Café once per day. It will increase their Affection. However, the best way to improve your relationships with characters is Gifts. You can give a certain item that is considered a gift and it will improve your Affection.

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Blue Archive Affection Stat Guide: Cheats and Tips


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