Things are getting kind of crazy in space! Giant monsters and horrible abominations are terrorizing all of space, including pigeons with bread stuck on their heads, dogs with bee stingers, and of course unknown aliens. But all of that is about to change now thanks to one brave little cat!

Rocat Jumpurr is a zany and off-the-walls roguelite action game where players take on the role of kitty who is packing heat. Not just any heat – this mean little kitty has a rocket launcher and it is not afraid to use it!

Rocat Jumpurr takes players through randomly generated dungeons every run, and the cat must navigate through these space dungeons using the force of the rocket launch to propel themselves forward.

Not only is the rocket launcher used for movement, but it is also used to blast some creepy space beasties! Along the way, the kitty can collect precious goldfish, silver cans, and other collectibles.

You can trade these collectibles in for upgrades to your kitty or to the rocket launcher. Propel yourself further, become more resilient, and more!

Rocat Jumpurr is available now on the App Store.


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