Bloons TD 6 has a lot of different towers and heroes you will need to use. All of them can be placed and used in variable strategies and positions. Of course, in a game with so many characters, perfect balance is a luxury. Someone is always stronger and more versatile than other towers and heroes.

Different players in the game’s community try to prove their opinion on which character is more useful. To do so, they create lots of tops and tier lists. This article will show you our tier list for Bloons TD 6.

There will be three different tier lists in total. The first one is for all monkey towers ranked by their usability, the second one is for all monkey towers ranked by their effectiveness in the determined path, and the third one is for heroes.

Bloons TD 6 Monkey Towers Tier List

The tier list of monkey towers in Bloons TD 6 is next:

  • S Tier: Ninja Monkey, Sub Monkey, Heli Pilot, Spike Factory, Monkey Village
  • A Tier: Boomerang Monkey, Mortar Monkey, Bomb Shooter, Glue Gunner, Alchemist Monkey
  • B Tier: Super Monkey, Monkey Ace, Tack Shooter
  • C Tier: Buccaneer Monkey, Ice Monkey, Wizard Monkey, Dartling Gunner
  • D Tier: Sniper Monkey, Druid, Engineer Monkey
  • F Tier: Dart Monkey

Bloons TD 6 Monkey Towers Tier List Ranked by Path

There are three different paths you can choose for your towers in the game. Their names are Top, Bottom, and Middle. The tier list of monkey towers in Bloons TD 6 ranked by path is next:

  • S Tier: Alchemist (top), Bomb (middle), Glue (bottom), Ninja (middle), Heli (middle), Sub (bottom), Sub (middle), Boomer (middle), Heli (top), Ninja (top), Engineer (middle), Spike (top)
  • A Tier: Buccaneer (top), Boomer (middle), Druid (bottom), Mortar (bottom), Super (top), Spike (bottom), Mortar (top), Village (top), Village (middle), Wizard (bottom), Bomb (top), Ice (bottom), Tack (bottom), Sniper (top), Ace (top), Ace (middle), Super (bottom), Alchemist (middle), Dartling (middle), Spike (middle)
  • B Tier: Mortar (middle), Boomer (top), Bomb (bottom), Tack (middle), Sub (top), Glue (middle), Ace (bottom), Dartling (middle), Dartling (bottom), Wizard (top), Dart (bottom), Ice (top), Glue (top), Ice (middle), Sniper (bottom), Heli (bottom), Ninja (bottom), Dartling (top), Druid (top)
  • C Tier: Dart (top), Engineer (bottom), Dart (middle), Druid (middle), Tack (top), Buccaneer (middle), Engineer (top), Wizard (middle), Sniper (middle), Alchemist (bottom), Buccaneer (bottom), Super (middle), Village (bottom)

Bloons TD 6 Heroes Tier List

The tier list for heroes in Bloons TD 6 is next:

  • S Tier: Obyn Greenfoot, Ezili, Pat Fusty, Adora
  • A Tier: Benjamin, Quincy, Captain Churchill
  • B Tier: Admiral Brickell, Striker Jones
  • C Tier: Etienne, Gwendolin

These were all the tier lists. Good luck!

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Bloons TD 6 Tier List


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