Bloons Monkey City Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Create your own personalized Monkey City to ward off all of the bloons! Bloons Monkey City is a unique blend of the popular city simulation and tower defense genres. The buildings you construct in your city directly influence your power during the tower defense segments, so you need to build wisely! We’ll lead you to victory with our Bloons Monkey City cheats, tips and trick strategy guide!

Bloons Monkey City is an extensive game, so lets get started with our Bloon Monkey City guide to building the best city!

1. When you first start out, look for the stages with 2 dots!

In order to expand your city, you need to claim more land. To do so, you have to play through a tower defense stage. If you’re successful, the land is yours and you can build whatever you please on it. When you tap an unclaimed land space, a bloons icon and several dots will show up. The amount of dots highlighted indicate how difficult the stage will be with your current equipment. At the beginning, only attempt stages that have two dots. These stages are just right, as you only have the basic dart monkeys to start out with.

2. Spend your coins early on often!

The maximum amount of coins your city can hold at any given time is determined by the amount of monkey banks you have built. The game will start you off with one, but that means a relatively low capacity, capping out at 1,500 coins. You’ll hit this limit pretty fast considering you get about 100 coins every time you claim land, so be sure not to let any coins go to waste by spending as much as you can before you hit that limit. Thankfully though you can build another bank pretty early on, so do that at your own discretion!

3. Check the tower forecast before starting a level!

Before you start a tower defense level, there will be a data box showing you information on towers. The box will show you what types of towers are recommended, and which types are restricted. Early on you’ll probably be stuck with a select few towers, but as your city progresses, be sure to pay attention to the towers it recommends. Try going for those during the levels, and they will also cost 15% less than they usually do!

4. Follow the quests!

Not sure what to do next? The quest book will show you the way! These quests will lead you down the general progression path, so if you’re ever unsure of what to do next, have a look in the book. Each quest, when completed, will provide you with some experience and coins as well.

5. Try not to lose any lives on the tower defense segments!

If you manage to complete a tower defense level without losing a single life, you will be rewarded with valuable Bloonstones. These are the premium currency of the game, and are used for speeding building construction up, and continuing should you lose all your lives during a level.

6. Look for the points of interest on the map!

Sometimes on certain land spots, there will be something of interest. Some spots have treasure chests which hold a lot of coins and other goodies inside them. Some spots have captured monkeys that can live in your city if you free them! Some spots have unique looking levels; be warned, these levels are challenge levels are they are very tough and long. Attempt these only if your city has been built up enough! However, the levels also tend to have special abilities you can use to help turn the tides.

That should be a good start for your monkey city. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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Bloons Monkey City Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. Don’t spend bloonstone on stuff like speeding up upgrades or fuming banks and tanks. Bloonstone is rare, so only spend it on upgrades. Definitely don’t waste it on In game bonuses like spikes, boosts, second chances or bogus monkeys.

  2. yeah i’m having trouble understanding why the further you away you get from your city the more things start the cost could you possibly figure out whether it is to do with difficulty or something else

  3. The first time I tried to play this game I was able to build apprentice monkeys but not use them. I don’t mean that I was in places where there is an X over them. I mean that they weren’t even included with my towers when I would go into battles. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what I could have done wrong. This tip you give about building as you are prompted…is there a prompt for the Apprentice tower? If there is, could it be that I built the Apprentice tower before I was supposed to and that is why I wasn’t able to use them? Does it matter on what terrain you build them, as in building ice towers on icy areas and so forth? What about the little monkeys hanging out in areas in the city…can you build where they are…?…or is that like killing them to put a tower in the spot where they are? I was just wondering if that is what could have affected my ability to use towers…oh, yeah…it wasn’t just the apprentice monkeys that weren’t working. It was the super monkeys and villages too. So I was thinking that maybe I wasn’t supposed to build in the spots where the little monkeys are.

    • In response to your question: It does not matter at all where you build any tower [except the buccaneers obviously]. The little monkeys do not matter any in accordance to towers, in fact they only show up when a sidewalk is built beside their living quarters. I have deleted all my sidewalks and am still able to use all my towers. You possibly just have a bad copy and might want to reinstall the game. If you created an account on it, all your progress should be saved on the cloud so that when you reinstall it and sign in, all your progress would transfer.

  4. DO NOT spend Bloonstones on speeding up upgrades or even to fill banks… A trick I learned to be able to progress fast in the game but not spending any money or bloonstones is by simply changing the time on my device. Say that you start a research or a building project that will take 5 hrs to complete and you started it at 12pm. Instead of waiting 5 whole hrs for it, change your time to 5pm and the thumbs up icon will appear. Win you click to finish the project, reset your time to 12pm. [NOTE: DO NOT start any other projects or collect coins from banana farm before you reset the time, it would mess things up. Also, each time you reset it, your device resets the count for the seconds each time so if done too much, your time on device may be several minutes behind the actual time]
    Although you cannot use the time trick for your banana farms, you still can use it to can almost an unlimited amount. To do this, you must use the Contested Territories feature. When you claim the territory [achieving the highest round among five other players], it is used as if it is another banana farm, just can gain a lot more coins. If you change the date on your device one day later (or in some cases two days), the coins would jump from $0 to over $10,000 which can be collected. The only catch is that you can only collect the amount your banks allow you too. After collecting your money, change your date back to the current. [NOTE: DO NOT change the date before launching Contested Territories. It would then transfer you to a different contested territory in which you are by yourself and you cannot claim the territory, as that is not the current territory. In order to fix this, reset back to current date and it would redirect you to an active contested territory in which you would have to retake. This can be used intentionally if your territory is claimed at a round to high for you to reach…] After collection of money and reset of time BEFORE returning to your city, click or tap the contested territory again. By this time, the money count is at $0 and will stay that way unless you click or tap the city, which would reset the counter.
    I apologize in advance if I have confused anyone or if this method does not work on a device.


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