Blood Tyrant is a MMO base management game where you fight to conquer a fantasy world full of mythical monsters, huge kingdoms, and strong alliances. Take on foes alone or join an alliance to band together with other players from around the world – the choice is yours! Our Blood Tyrant cheats and tips will help you secure your kingdom and watch it grow into a full empire!

Blood Tyrant is a lot like other games in the MMO base management genre, so if you play those a lot all of your techniques will apply here! Even if you’re not familiar with the genre, we’ve got you covered with our Blood Tyrant cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Follow the recommend quests!

The recommend quests at the bottom left corner of the screen will always point towards your next objective. If you’re ever unsure of what to work towards next, just take a look at your next recommend quest as it’ll take you down the general progression route.

Not only will your kingdom get naturally stronger, but you’ll also be able to collect to the rewards from completing the quests. Doing just the recommend quests gave us a TON of the resources, so you’ll never have to worry about going out of your way to earn more resources.

Keep your base busy!

Like other base management games, the more your base is busy, the stronger you’ll be. Don’t let an idle moment go to waste – always try to have your builders building or upgrading something.

Don’t forget other queues as well! Head on over to the College to start up a new research, and go to your various training grounds to train up more soldiers for your growing army. Time is of the essence, so don’t let your base waste it!

Grab the goodies from your mail!

Occasionally you’ll receive special presents and rewards from the game for completing certain quests or if there’s a promotional thing going on. The thing is, you might not find it right away! To get your rewards mail, go into your mail, then select the System category. This is where you’ll find your important mail, amidst everything else.

Use your resource items!

Check your backpack every now and then – sometimes you’ll receive items that immediately grant you a specific resource on the spot. These consumable items are given out whenever you hit a milestone or complete certain quests.

These items can net you general resources like wood and food, but some of them can even grant you VIP status which gives you a bunch of boosts. Make sure to use them when you get them!

Don’t stop upgrading!

Blood Tyrant is a pretty straightforward game. As long as you’re constantly upgrading your buildings and troops, following the recommend quests, and keeping your resource income healthy, your kingdom will thrive and flourish!

This goes along with keeping your base busy but it’s important so it bears repeating: always be upgrading your buildings. If you can’t build the next big thing yet, upgrade your old buildings.

That’s all for Blood Tyrant. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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