Blocky Snakes brings the classic arcade game Snake into the third-dimension with lots and lots of blocks! There’s an endless forest for you to slither through, and with plenty of obstacles and dangers lurking around each corner, you’ll need to twist and turn your way through to safety! Our Blocky Snakes cheats and tips will show you how to snake through the maze and get a high score!

Blocky Snakes is a faithful reimagining of the classic game, and it’s got its own spin on things as well! Here’s our Blocky Snakes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Eat the red butterfly!

Very rarely you’ll come across a red butterfly that leaves behind a red particle trail. This thing moves a bit erratically, so use your dash to catch up to it. Once you eat it, you’ll earn an extra “life”. That is to say, you’ll see a heart at the top of your screen. If you crash into something, you’ll lose the heart but your snake will act as if it has the shield power up, essentially giving you a second chance. Pretty helpful!

Of course, the red butterfly is somewhat rare so don’t expect to see it too often. When you do though, be sure not to pass it up. As an added bonus, you get 10 bonus coins at the end of your run for each red butterfly eaten.

Skip sections with the shield!

When you grab a shield power up, your snake is completely invincible to any hazard. You can use this to your advantage and skip hard sections! If you see a shield power up lying around and a particularly tricky section coming up, grab the shield power up, face straight up, and dash like you’ve never dashed before! If you’re fast enough, you can skip over big sections of the level.

Practice the controls!

The first thing you’re going to notice about Blocky Snakes is that the controls feel a little rigid at first. Your snake won’t respond immediately to your inputs, and that’s because the game works on a tile-by-tile basis. What this means is that your input won’t register until the snake moves onto the next tile. Additionally, this means that you can actually “queue” up inputs, making it easier to move your snake around.

For example, if you tap one of the turn buttons twice in a row, your snake will turn right, then turn right again and move onto the next tile. It takes a bit getting used to but once you master the controls you can dash freely and get through obstacles pretty easily.

Watch your size!

As you eat fruits and bugs, your snake will get longer and longer, just like in the classic Snake game! Of course, even though you’re on a linear path this time around, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay attention to your size! At some point you’re going to have to squeeze through narrow passages filled with obstacles and hazards.

This is particularly evident with switches. Switches will lower spike traps down, letting you proceed safely. More often than not the game will put the switch in a really cramped location, so be sure you have enough space to get in and out! Plan your route to make sure you don’t run into yourself!

That’s all for Blocky Snakes! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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