Blocky Raider Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Going Far


Block Raider is a new one-touch game that has you searching for treasure in a perilous crypt! The game takes heavy inspiration from Crossy Road, so if you’re at all familiar with that you’ll know what to expect here. Let’s get started with our Blocky Raider cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Take your time!

The screen slowly scrolls upwards and if you let it reach your raider, you will be instantly killed! With that said however, the speed at which is scrolls is very slow, so go ahead and take your time when dealing with traps and obstacles. It’s better to be slow and careful rather than rushing into a quick death!

2. Grab those coins!

Coins are gained through distance, but you can also pick up extra coins along the way. Be sure to grab these as they’ll help you unlock further free gifts!

3. Watch out for the traps!

  • Crushers are two walls that slam into each other. Easy to avoid; just wait for them to smash then quickly hop past.
  • Mine carts are very distinguishable by their crossing signals. When the signal is red, a mine cart will travel across the tracks. Don’t be in the way when it goes! Wait until it turns green to cross.
  • Fireballs are designated by the scorched ground. Fireballs travel quick, so be sure not to get caught by surprise!
  • Boulders travel along a carved path in the ground. The boulders themselves move relatively slow, but they usually appear in multiples so be careful.
  • Bear traps will periodically clamp down on anything unfortunate enough to be standing on top. Wait until they clamp, then hop through!
  • Spikes function just like the bear traps; wait until they are down then advance.
  • Saw blades come out of walls and travel along them for a fixed distance. Watch how far they go, where they spawn, and move accordingly.
  • Broken bridges are exactly what they sound like – don’t stand on them for too long otherwise you’re going down! Jump across them quickly!!

4. Collect your free gift!

Once you’ve hit the quota or you’ve waited long enough, you can collect your free gift! Free gifts usually comprise of extra coins, but sometimes you’ll get something really good! Open them whenever you can.

If you have any other raiding tips, leave a comment below!

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Blocky Raider Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Going Far


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