It’s football like you’ve never imagined! Blocky Beastmode Football is a endless runner that throws in football plays to mix things up! Rush and maneuver your way through a horde of defensive players as you go for that epic touchdown! Our Blocky Beastmode Football cheats and tips will show you how to break through like a real champ!

Our guide will show you how to get more player skins, how to run efficiently, and more, so let’s get started with our Blocky Beastmode Football cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Slingshot yourself to attack!

The game kind of glosses over this is when it’s teaching you how to tackle defense, so we’ll go over it with you again. When you’re trying to take out defense, you need to “slingshot” yourself into your target to successfully take them out. By this we mean that you must collide with your target on your way back from the maneuver. If you collide with them as you’re leaving the lane you will be taken out as if you just ran right into them.

Grab the stars!

When you’re break through the defense, try to pick up as many stars as you can. Stars are added to your star gauge at the end of a run, and when it fills all the way you’ll get a chance at a new player skin. You have to match three cards of the same character to unlock them, but don’t sweat it if you fail. Character skins don’t have different stats – it’s purely cosmetic. You’ll even get an additional chance if you watch a short advertisement. If you don’t really care about new player skins, then you don’t have to bother with the stars.

Fill the Rush gauge!

Every time you successful tackle a defensive player, a gauge on the right side of the screen will fill up. This is the Rush gauge, and filling it up all the way will turn you into a one-man army! You’ll ignite just like those scary rushing defenders that come down every now and then, which means you’re practically invincible. Take out everything you see! Try to fill the Rush gauge as much as you can, because it’ll help you get through tough stretches.

Complete the challenges!

Challenges are randomly generated goals for you to fulfill as you break through the defense. You’ll have to do things like run a certain distance, collecting a specific number of stars, or take out a certain number of defensive players. Completing a challenge will reward you with diamonds, the premium currency of the game. Currently the only thing you can spend diamonds on are new player skins, so again if you don’t care about them you can ignore the challenges.

That’s all for Blocky Beastmode Football! If you’ve got any other rushing tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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