Bless Mobile is the latest game released by Joycity Corp. Based on the infamous PC version of Bless, this MMORPG uses Unreal Engine to deliver some pretty impressive graphics.

Unless you are a veteran RPG player who knows exactly what kind of character you want to play, chances are you are wondering “What class should I play in Bless Mobile?” – in this article, we are going to take a look at each class in Bless Mobile and break down their role and playstyle. Hopefully that way we can help you decide which class is better suited for you.

So without any further ado, let’s check out Bless Mobile Classes!

Before we dive in, there are a couple of things you should know about. Firstly, races are faction and gender locked in Bless Mobile. Secondly, some classes are as well. Pantera and Aqua Elf are on the Union side while Masque and Habichts belong to the Hieron faction. Races of the same faction have the same starting point.

With that being said there are no stats or traits that benefit classes. It all comes down to lore and visual preference.


A melee range physical damage dealer Berserker’s can inflict high amounts of damage with a two handed axe. A Berserker won’t hesitate to give up their own life if that means they can break down their enemies.

Available for the following races: Pantera, Habichts


The main tank class in Bless Mobile, Guardian is equipped with a one handed sword and a shield. Being in the front line and absorbing damage for their team is the Guardian’s main role.

Available for the following races: Aqua Elf, Pantera, Masque, Habichts


Equipped with a bow, comes to no surprise Ranger likes to fight from a far, keeping their distance from their enemies. High attack speed and high critical strike chance make this class a very good damage dealer.

Available for the following races: Pantera, Habichts


A ranged spell caster who wields a staff to channel powerful magic damage. Potentially the highest damage dealer in Bless Mobile, Mage is what you’d call a glass cannon. High damage output but no real defenses.

Available for the following races: Aqua Elf, Masque


Wielding a one handed mace and a shield, Paladin is the main Healer class in Bless Mobile. Even thought this class can be build as an off tank as well, their main role is to keep their party alive with powerful heals and provide all sorts of buffs.

Available for the following races: Aqua Elf, Masque

At the moment these are all the Bless Mobile classes available. Whenever they will release new ones, we will add them here.

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